Naming of scripts?

I have always wondered why so many scripts have file names sorta unrelated to the associated video?

Most scripts I have have to be renamed. Just a bit of time when I have other intents and am in a hurry. :grin:
The worst is when I wait a few days to match up the files and the names make no sense at all and the pile of dounloads are useless until I search this site to find the source to complete the match.

OK Rant over.
I do wish to thank all the creators and (REALLY) name them anything you want.

edit: The websites that make up their own names for the content and the names of content uploaded to multiple sites, with different names, are not part of this rant. I am only somewhat cray


I’m the same way, if I don’t rename them right away I have a hard time finding the right script to that video :smiley:

When create a script i try to recheck the “original” name of the video cause some site like pornhub traduce automatically the name, and often just partially.

Yeah I have taken to renaming all the VR scripts “Studio - Video name - Actress”

Makes them easy to file and search for.


Can we just make that a standard convention to follow for any scripts uploaded to this site? It’s not much effort on the part of the uploaders but it’ll make them easier to store and search for everyone else.

From my site. I hate long filenames, so I always search for a short understandable name. Sometimes I post script with numbers, that happend because of my own collection system where I use unique IDs to order my scripts.

Here a sample:



I add a single character if:

  • v = I don’t have the video
  • s = I don’t have the script, but saved the video (most purchase scripts)
  • a = Audio onlys

… so when I choose a video over my webbased database, I find the script by the ID