Naughty America Adds 10 New Scenes Compatible with The Handy (10/04/22)

Subscribe to Naughty America here and get access to these 10 new scripted videos supported by The Handy plus many, many more scripts. If you already have a Naughty America subscription, we hope you’re enjoying The Handy experience!

Ok, This might be me being an idiot but I can never see the names of the scenes when DreamLover makes these posts I just have the bullet points and nothing after.

Probably because of uBlock Origin (or any other adblocker) that blocks them because they are tracking links. At least that was the case for me.

Yeah that was it. Thanks

I’ve just joined. There’s no way to download a script so I can watch offline. This is a deal breaker if it isn’t changed.

The scripts need to be connected to the internet to get data.

NAVR offers the ability to download the scripts, but all of the script downloads are only 2KB in size – which is only about 50 moves. Is this expected behavior?

I don’t have a Handy. I have a Kiiroo Keon. So, I need to download the files locally to use them.


Couldn’t they just have the sexlikereal model and allow so many downloads and use a player that can play local scripts?

There are script for scene that have re mastered version. You should add script to those scene. It doesn’t take long. I could do it in 10 minutes using joyfunscriptter myself.

They only work with the Handy. The file is more of a key that links to the handy server and sends the real version to the handy. The files are also designed to last about 3 months and after that you have to redownload them (as far as I know.)

I understand that you keep putting these up to alert people that there are lots of scripted scenes, but the fact is that they bear no relation to when scenes are added. Each of these scenes that I’ve checked has been there, scripted for ages. It would be handy to get the info when they’re actually released. Btw good job on getting the scenes tagged with the Handy tag, makes it a bit easier, and the integration with Heresphere is impressive.

Glad to hear tagging has helped you! As far as the new scenes being released, we did touch on this a few weeks ago, to some members they are brand new, to others they are not, please bear with us, tomorrow we will post newly scripted scenes, and switch back and forth between the two weekly. Appreciate the feedback.

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Ah I see, I thought you meant that if someone has just joined they won’t have seen these, but I guess you mean that they were released all at once at one point but then taken away from brand new memberships and released a bit at a time?

Sorry for any confusion as the scenes are not being re-released. We are sharing the scenes that are scripted with The Handy in our weekly posts for those who are interested and may not have a membership yet.