Naughty America Adds 10 New Scenes Compatible with The Handy (10/11/22)

Subscribe to Naughty America here and get access to these 10 new scripted videos supported by The Handy plus many, many more scripts. If you already have a Naughty America subscription, we hope you’re enjoying The Handy experience!

The Nicole Aniston one already had a script. Has it changed or improved?

No, it’s the same one, however if you are a member you might have already seen this script. This is just an announcement for a new member or a member who may not have realized these were now available.

So are any of these new scenes that have been added in the last two weeks or are these all existing scenes that you are linking under the banner of New Scenes?

Also the * Co-Ed hotties Ailee Anne, Chanel Camryn, and Lily Larimar heard a rumor their Professor was packing a Thundercock! script is out of sync by about 5 seconds.

These listed here have already been available for the last few weeks, we are announcing them now for new members, and current members who might have missed them.

We will look into the out of sync issue.


Just wondering if the servers down or there is an issue at the moment? I’m not able to connect via tokens nor the site.

You were unable to visit NaughtyAmerica or connect your device to the tokens?

My device works but the script will not upload. It is only specific to NAVR scripts. I’ve had a subscription for a few months now and this is the first time it isn’t working.

I also tried connecting to the website and that also wouldn’t work for me. I tried multiple players like HereSphere and scriptplayer, and the handy local player. This is the error I get using the handy local player on handyfeeling:


I downloaded a couple of new tokens just in case if they expired but all of them also didn’t work.

Ok looks like it is back working again now :slight_smile:

Great, please let us know if you run into any issues.