Naughty America Adds 10 New Scenes Compatible with The Handy

Subscribe to Naughty America here and get access to these 10 new scripted videos supported by The Handy plus many, many more scripts. If you already have a Naughty America subscription, we hope you’re enjoying The Handy experience!

Any update about heresphere player integration?

Hey there,

We are still looking into this, will update you ASAP.


Do the scripts work for Kiiroo Keon as well? If not, can we download the scripts and use Scriptplayer with Keon?

I thought there is something wrong with the post because the links don’t show up for me, turns out it’s Ublock blocking them for some reason, lol. First time something like this happened to me.

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I’m very confused, why are you calling these new? These have been scripted for ages. Are they just improvements on the previous scripts?

What’s going on over there? Any chance of scripting some newer scenes? I hate to come across like a hater with my replies to you as I’m really not, I have been subscribing the whole time and I am a big fan of the scenes themselves but the inconsistency of approach and communication with the scripting side is frankly baffling.

I understand it’s a new service and I hope that things will eventually hit an even keel but the communication has to improve.

We currently support Kiiroo through the site only, there are a limited number of scenes available, no downloads are supported. Thanks!

Please let us know if we can help in any way.

Thank you for your feedback, we posted these since many may not be aware of what is available, we will be posting more each week and will also add new scripts in the near future.

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Ah yeah I forgot those ones are relatively new. I wish you well