Naughty America and Tonight's Girlfriend scripts

I just subbed to NAVR for the scripts. They seem to work great. However, there are a bunch of scripted scenes from Tonight’s Girlfriend as well that I really want to watch (e.g., Sera Ryder, Kenna James, Jenna J Ross). On the NAVR site, they are tagged “on demand” and when I click the button, it only offers me an option to sub to Tonight’s Girlfriend at 24.95 a month. If I go to the Tonight’s Girlfriend site, I have an option to sub for 1 year at 119.95 (half the monthly price). Unfortunately, the Tonight’s Girlfriend site doesn’t mention anything about scripts.

So: If I sub to Tonight’s Girlfriend through their site at the 1 year rate, will I be able to watch those scenes on the NAVR site with scripts? I don’t wat to buy a year sub if I can’t get scripts, but I also dont want to pay 24.95 a month for something I can get for half that.

Also: are the Tonight’s Girlfriend scripts compatible with the handy, or is it that feel-me app stuff?

Any subscribers out there able to answer this question?