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Naughty America is hiring scripters

Thought I’d pass this along to the community cheers :beers:


Initially removed by u/defucilis for “making drama” as well as removing some other poster who actually posted the link.

Otherwise make sure to consult your lawyer before signing a contract and always request to get paid in time. I know the matter first hand unlike u/defucilis and can attest it.

Naughty America has a long history of not paying their partners and suing them when they accumulate enough of your debt. They have screwed many people already Business Naughty Revenue does not pay. - - Adult Webmaster Forum

Also beware that scripts are derivatives of their copyright. Unless you have explicit permission to script their videos (especially for-profit) you might get sued by them at any time.

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Whether you have good intentions or not. Everytime I see you post, you’re slandering another company. Which is odd, because your company runs off being an all in one location for these companies.


Check his reddit history (same username). The guy interfere with with every company that’s not on SLR. Competition is good for the sex-toy community, but not necessarly for SLR, so why not to make drama out of every hiring thread.

Do me a favor and point some of these posts

Running a business is not the same as using a product. You have to make sense what’s going on at some point.

Just because I have balls to stand up (not like you I guess) shouldn’t make you hate it.

Btw this should be bring you back to reality

Dismissal always gets you in trouble at some point. Most of you assaulting me have little knowledge, short memory and very loud mouths.

So you don’t want to blame NA for not paying partners and screwing their paying customers, but me for bringing out the truth. How fucking lame being you are.

If someone is browsing reddit regulary he will know what I’m talking about.

When we are at it, SLR has some shady past too:

And not long ago you had a lot of pay-per-view videos, in which case you blocked content for your subscribers, I was really disappointed when I found out I can’t watch some of the scenes.

What exactly is shady there? You don’t know a single bit of that story. SLR is a home for hundreds indy and corporate producers and we get along nicely.

And guess what? That producer is back on SLR now.

What’s wrong that we have pay per videos? Producers were the only ones deciding what goes to ppv and Premium? My God… You are so delusional. Just making up things for what reason? Just admit you are wrong and move on

This voyeur part was published by SLR few days ago, like a scene, without warning, and without my agreement, inside SinsVr library.

As soon as I find out, I asked SLR to put this publication down from our library.

SLR, still without my agreement, immediately republished the part under a fake studio named “GangBangVR”

Nothing wrong here?

Yes, I made all this shit up. You thought about taking vacation, maybe you could used some therapy, it’s not normal. I’m going to enjoy the rest of my sunday while you are making the same arguments over and over again.

That’s the voyeur scene in question Veronika Leal - One Girl, Eight Cocks (Voyeur) | SexLikeReal

What’s wrong there?

We allowed producer to use that scene that we paid for on his site until we requested to deliver it back to us. He didn’t want to and made the whole drama out of it. That’s the whole story.

At least he has things at stake. And you just making things up for no reason?

Yes, I have nothing better to do than making a fake post on reddit a year ago just so I can use it here - you are ridiculous. That’s a porn industry for you folks, don’t trust any porn related company, because once exposed they will start to become aggresive towards you. Roti out.

How about you one stops listening to loud mouths who have no idea what they are talking about and making shit up?

Why do you say the guy who posted it is fake? He has a decent post history and still posting now. All the people who commented and upvoted also fake?

You are so full of shit Roti.

Is this also fake?

I’ve never said anything like that. I don’t know if you are familiar with sarcasm but if not you are welcome:
Sarcasm - Wikipedia

Tell me golden boy what will happen when one of the scripters decide to end his career on SLR? Will his scripts get removed as promised or will you keep the scripts up and say it’s from different scripter, you could name him “GangBangVR” :slight_smile: People better be careful before working with you when you pull shit like the SinsVR’s situation up.

It’s so stupid to ask anything like that.

  1. You didn’t provide any evidence for multiple questions you vouched it.
  2. You have been proven to be completely out of subject, jumping from one thing to another.
  3. You have promised 2 times in this thread to stop posting, yet you are at it again.

Get some dignity for fuck’s sake. Haven’t you got enough getting yourself pwned?

I gave the same evidence as you did for naughtyamerica. If it’s not enough then your points are also worthless.

Sorry, there is a certain type of people that are exception.

Yes daddy, dominate me some more :popcorn:

I mean, you just proved my point. See, I can do it without insulting the individual, unlike you where you insulted me about three times in your post?

Let’s take you back to this thread, where you threatened to remove CzechVR’s ability to make scripts.

I can say I have dignity and I’m not “fucking lame” because I’d never support a company, that treats people like this.

I think the takeaways here, at least from what I could gather are the following.

  1. doublevr lacks social polish (I guess work on the delivery and cutting back on the bluntness).

  2. Be wary when dealing with NaughtyAmerica (seriously, doublevr isn’t plotting to sabotage the competition, he’s really giving sound advice).

  3. Every company has their own business models. We really shouldn’t be butt hurt that a site changes their model and we should vote with our wallets (in reference to NA adding channels).
    SLR seems more pro-scripter (from what I’ve gathered) and CzechVR more pro-consumer (bundles all scripts in a subscription).
    NA is pro-consumer with their pricing and got bullied by the community (Reddit) to bundle scripts with the subscription, so odds are they won’t be very scripter-friendly (I’m thinking about all those 1 hour+ scenes and then entire backlog they probably want scripted).

Blah I’m done typing. Maybe a mod should deal with this.


Probably a good call.

Naughtyamerica is not the best company, but I don’t agree he does it in the best intentions. CzechVR was first, now Naughtyamerica, who will be next? The guy wants to have the whole pie for himself and when there is opportunity he will put the dirt on other companies. This is the best way to discourage studios from hiring scripters.

I’m not going into the discussion if a company is reliable or not.

But consider this NAVR releases a foursome scene a week (i dont like those scenes myself as most of the time there is at least one actress that turns me off), and those are (as i understand it) harder to script (read a lot more work).

So if you want to work for them and if they pay a fixed amount per project make sure they pay more for the foursome scenes.