Naughty America Scripts (A review)

Hello All,

I tried out Naughty America and their Scripts and thought I would give my review on them as there didn’t seem to be a breakdown of their quality and user friendliness on here already. Obvious disclaimer: all of this is my opinion and yours may vary. I have been using scripts for about the last 3 years both free and paid and have made some myself.

The Scripts

First things first is my opinion on the scripts themselves. The majority of scripts are timed accurately but are exaggerated. There is also lets politely say “artistic license” taken on some parts of the script usually during the handjob/blowjob parts.

Quality control seems to be missing or lackluster as new scripts can have obvious errors like the script being out of time by a few seconds or some parts bearing no resemblance to the action. This seems more prevalent in the longer multi person scenes than in the shorter 1 on 1 scenes.

As the scripts are hosted on handy feeling they are not compatible with other toys and cannot be edited by the user without shenanigans. They are also time locked for 3 months (at time of writing) so while you can download them you need an internet connection and a recent subscription to play them.

The Selection

The selection is pretty good. Naughty America has been making VR since the beginning and so most of your favorite stars are on there. They also release a 4 way video every week which does differentiate them from the competition. They tend to lean towards the big boobed Milf demographic more than other sites which may be a plus depending on your tastes.

In regards to scripts a variety of scenes have been done and they quote as over 200 scripts and I haven’t counted but see no reason to doubt them.

User Experience

This is where it takes a massive nosedive for me. The site is not well designed and lacks some of the basic functionality of the competitors. To start with it is not obvious how to add the scripting package onto your sub. Once done it’s still difficult to find the videos with scripts.

You can search for videos with a script or a type of video or performer but not both. This means you either have to click through a bunch of videos to see if they are scripted or wade through every script in release order to find what you are looking for.

There are also a few things NA do that are irritating as a consumer. I.E the script sign up page shows an image from one of their gym videos but it’s not one that is scripted so if you saw that image and thought great then you’re shit out of luck.

They repeatedly claim here and on their own site about scripts being released but are just telling you about scripts that came out weeks ago and are pretending they are new. In the month I’ve been subbed there have been no new scripts but they have claimed 20 new scripts here. They gave me a notification yesterday of a “new script added” and it was one that was released a month ago.

The Price

Damn it’s expensive. $24.99 on top of your sub for the scripts. Realistically unless you have a lifetime sub for the main site you’re looking at $40 a month. Also this doesn’t get you the tonight’s Girlfriend videos or scripts but they sure will advertise them to you.


Regrettably it’s not worth the price and frankly I dont think it would be worth it at half the price. The scripts are fine but not as good as other current sites or most of the free ones on here. There don’t appear to be regular updates despite them pretending otherwise and the actual usage is unintuitive. I’ve already canceled my recurring sub.


I’ve been curious about their scripts so this is super informative. Thank you!

Interesting, TG is about the only reason I’d even consider a sub to them so thanks for saving me the time and cash.

Thanks for trying it out so we dont have to. I was curious about it also but couldnt see how to add it to my sub. Now i know its not worth the trouble

Too bad, looks like they went the quantity over quality way.

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Thank you for your lengthy review! We (the Handy team) are making the scripts for NA, so all script feedback here is to us. Do I interpret you correctly that you think the scripts are good but need some improvements to be perfect? And that the blowjob/handjob parts need a little less movement is the most important thing to improve? I´m delighted that you think the timing feels right. That is the most challenging part of getting right; humans are subpar compared to machines regarding timing.

That some of the scripts are off with seconds; it seems like there are some changes in the video from scripting to live on the site, like adding an intro or something. This is very easily fixed. Let me know the videos, and we will change this asap.

We changed the API, so newly created script tokens will last forever. If you cancel the sub, they will stop working, but resubing will enable them again. No need to redownload (and rename). Give NA some time to implement the API changes.

I will pass the feedback on the site to NA.

Hi HandyAlexander,

In regards to the scripts my comments were meant to be descriptive and not necessarily a judgement value. Most of the action is exagerated which some people will like others prefer a true 1 to 1 ratio. I’ve seen arguments for both. With the handjob blowjob parts it’s not that they need less movement its that the tracking tries to follow both the hand and the mouth. Again not always a bad thing but its something that people need to know to make an informed decision.

It does seem like the scripts are released without being tested or that no one checks the scripts match up properly once they are live. It shouldn’t really be up to your consumer base to find all the errors especially when people are paying a premium.

Hope that helps.

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thanks for the review, it has helped me cement my decision to not touch a NA sub :slight_smile:

for script users here can always make better ones than theirs, what we cant make better but they really should is their filming technique/cameras. Sad they have some of the hottest girls but one of the worst studios in regards to scale/immersion.

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It helps, thanks for the update :+1:

Wait, What do you mean by this? Are you saying AI is better at picking timing than human scriptors?

Yes, at least with “on the fly” scripting (scripting while the video is playing). Frame-by-frame scripting, then, most of the time.

if you want quality scripts, you can’t replace human scripters. At best you can make tools to make those scripters faster.


Thanks for the review. It’s super annoying that the scripts become inactive when you no longer have a subscription. I hoped to subscribe, get some decent scripts that were better than nothing, but I’m not wasting money on something I can’t keep.

TLDR Automated and craft scripts are nowhere interchangeable and shouldn’t be promoted as ones.

Thx for a great assessment.

For all the business people… Looks like Handy is actively pushing their automated interactive scripts service to paysites. Basically offering them turnkey solution.

There were a number of poor quality assessments like this, but it definitely doesn’t stop people from getting further into this.

Just to be clear - SLR offers hi-end up to frame precise scripts with gorgeous taste and flavour. Handy offers some conveyer belt stuff that it’s not really there and has significant usage limitations as they only provide tokens to be used on Handy instead of providing an actual script to the end user.

  1. Studios are very little acknowledged of the scripts and confuse SLR and Handy services for being about the same. They wrongfully think they can get scripts covered to their users with Handy. Yet it’s enough to for them to make a decision they don’t want their videos to be scripted on SLR.
  2. Users that never tried good scripts won’t know about SLR. I do agree that we are not doing enough on marketing side of things.

We put a lot of effort in script automation and see it as a tool to speed up high quality scripting which still requires a lot of fine tuning. Idea of scripting is not to perfectly replicate the action, but to use script creator interpretation of what’s in the video into a script.

We are totally invested to build up SLR scripting community and get more human made scripts. We also want to advance automate script creation and turn it into a powerful tool for creators. It’s no doubt though that script automation has potential and it gets better over time.

Also Automated scripts: Yay or Nay - SLR community forum for the best VR porn videos

NaughtyAmerica puts out some of the best VR content IMO. Here is why:
-Great Rig that scales VR really well and better than all other studios out there (SLR would be 2nd best IMO)
-They do cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions sitting down on the chair and laying down in all their scenes.
-Their 8k video runs smoothly on my PC, while videos from other sites limit me to 6k or less resolution.

Now, when you talk about scripts being “exaggerated” I don’t feel they are. Not trying to make anyone feel bad, but I think that issue comes down to one’s penis size. For example, if someone has a 4-inch dick, Handy’s movement from point 0 to point 60 will feel more exaggerated as opposed to someone who has an 8-inch dick.

Also, NA isn’t that expensive. Wait for a special holiday sale and sign up for a year. I think I paid 90$ for a whole year. And I do like the subscription model NA uses for their scripts. I think it’s a smart move. CzechVR and SLR let you download scripts but look at the result, their scripts are being pirated. Much as I would like to download the script, I am favoring the creator side more. Scripts are “niche” content, and these creators need to stay funded, so they are properly motivated to keep making more scripts.

Just curious, what are you using for VR videos? I have to VR sets Piimax, and HP mixed reality set, and NA video scales really well on both.

Now, some of there really old videos, scaled nicely on my SmartPhone, but watching it on of Piimax and HP, they are terrible.

@lolol just to clarify my point about exaggeration. This wasn’t based on my perceived feel of the script as the handy allows you to scale to your preference anyway. I tested this by motion tracking the handy and the majority of the strokes are 0 - 100. Now again for some this will be what they want but I thought I should at least mention it.

In regards to cost, I can only judge on what was available at the time. I dont know if this $90 price you qouted includes the scripts as well but when i subbed you had to pay $24.99 just for the scripts on top of the sub. Paying out for a year subscription when you dont know the quality or update schedule is a risk for a lot of people. In the end I can only judge on what was available to me at the time and my personal opinion on the value.

Finally in regards to the subscription model I am in two minds on this. I personally have no issue with a company protecting there intellectual property. The piracy argument doesn’t really work for me as I have not seen rampant piracy of SLR’s scripts or Czech VR’s since the old realtouchscript days. Now maybe I’m looking in the wrong places but they certainly aren’t a google search away.

In regards to video quality my review wasn’t really aimed at that, only the scripts. But I had no complaints.

I do think discussion of the pro’s and con’s is healthy though as one of the most difficult things I found was getting the opinion of people who have tried the service.

facts! either nobody wants to talk about it which would be strange or nobody is using them so nobody knows, but yeah, finding reviews for NAVR scripts is HARD!

That’s incorrect. As scripter with different toys at my disposal, I know how to time things to correctly translate it to the toys. And each toy is different.
ONLY scripting for the Handy is of course easier than making them as compatible as possible to multiple toys. But still, timing is not as simple as making them frame perfect, there are many instances where the visuals are way different from what actually is going on.

Like grinding, What looks like an UP movement, is actually a down stroke. There are also instances where timing is based on the body vs breast ‘delay’, or breast ripple effects.

Something the AI also doesn’t do, are speed changes, mid-stroke-delays, pre-positioning and “rumble” effects when the girl is spazzing / shaking / cuming… , Tongue twirls, sucking noises and ‘pop’s’
For example (scripters will understand what this means.)
90 60 80 40 60 20 40 10 0

When talking about blowjobs with hands, or multiple people involved, good luck with that using an AI! The AI doesn’t know when to follow which.

There are scripts I have up to 5 different iterations of until I’m actually satisfied with the result, and I test all of them.