Naughty America's Handy Scripted Scenes Now Integrated with HereSphere

The “cutting edge” HereSphere player is now integrated with The Handy!

We’d love to hear your feedback on this new user experience as we continue to make improvements for you.

Join Naughty America here and get access to the scripted videos.

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hmmm, interested to hear any feedback on this

This sounds good if it will play from the downloaded tokens. DeoVR is apparently stepping away from scriptplayer support so it means I won’t be able to just pick NAVR and other scenes randomly during a session, but I guess this is where Heresphere becomes the daddy. I can just use DeoVR for browsing SLR which I don’t do all that much anyway. Just have to buy Heresphere now.

You can fully use HereSphere without buying it. Totally worth buying and supporting it though.

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Oh thanks! If I try it and like it, I certainly will.

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wait WHAT? damn it deovr

Yes, it uses Handy download tokens, thank you

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