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NaughtyAmerica re-added Scripts

Hello there,

So today I discovered that Naughty America re-added Handy-Scripts to some of their VR-Scenes for 9.99 a Month.

I’ve got a few Questions,
Has anyone tried them yet?
Are they good?
Are they downloadable?

Thanks in advance :sweat_smile:


seems like they added a lot of scripts.

Might have to try it out

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I tried them when they first dropped and they were terrible. I think they literally just used the automated AI scripting program and just left it at that without any refinements.

Yes. They first added them and they were terrible. Then they deleted them and reworked them but they were still a bit bad. Then they removed them for half a Year I think and now they released old ones and even a lot of new ones so I hope they are better this time :smiley:

Ahh, was so curious for a moment and then realized it’s another 10 bucks on top of the monthly subscription. Hope they are good, but on the other hand they offer over 200 scripts so it’s a little suspicious.

I too would like to know of their quality.

Does anyone know if they contract anyone for scripting?

Subscribed now and its no possible to download script only stream… :expressionless: :no_mouth:


If they only works for streaming, they add no value for me…


So that’s a huge letdown. But I will probably try them anyway, there are a lot of scenes I’m really looking forward to.

My completely unscientific observation: There seemed to be a fairly high correlation to scripts that are available here to scenes that they have scripted. I didn’t pay that close of attention, it was just a sense that I had from a low sample size. It also could have been the way that I was browsing that affected my perception.

It was enough to raise one of my eyebrows, though, and hope that they aren’t trying to resell / profit off of others’ work. Again, I have no knowledge or evidence that this is actually the case, it just raised the question in my mind. I don’t really have the desire to pay $10/mo for non-downloadable scripts to check, either.

its not bout script its about will the handy video work on kiroo keon

If you press connect handy it says would you like to download script?
So yes it does allow script downloading

This is are some scripts downloaded …NaughtyAmerica.com_the-busty-gorgeous-babe-peta-jensen-is-hot-horny-and-in-need-of-your-big-dick_30797.funscript (872 Bytes)
NaughtyAmerica.com_the-beautiful-lana-rhoades-is-ready-for-your-cock-in-her-ass_30645.funscript (872 Bytes)
NaughtyAmerica.com_big-breast-beauty-casca-akashova-needs-your-hard-cock-sliding-inside-her_30785.funscript (872 Bytes)

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Too small of a file size for scripts. And the scripts are basically empty.
So either you didn’t download it correctly or it is what they offer. Nothing.

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All Videos are the same

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Scammed? :clown_face:

Do they work with streaming at least?

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Yep its i like a scam , when u insert handy key and press connect nothing happen , i tried on Pc , Smartphone and Quest with DeoVr
And when u download the script its a fake file …
I have no words… :neutral_face:

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Hopefully they just have technical difficulties…

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I remember they had the same ‘problem’ when they first released scripts. They then just removed the option to download them. Hopefully It’s just a small problem they can fix.

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it might not be a scam. I thought I remember a post of them working on a system to prevent scripts from being duplicated/pirated, where, the file you download to your system holds an script identifier and subscriber info that is sent to handy servers, while the file sent to your handy is the actual script with movements.