NaughtyAmericaVR put up a bunch of new scripts but

So they put up a bunch of new scripts, but the download option doesn’t seem to work.

Not sure how to get the handy connected feature to work. Anyone know what to do?

Only was able to downlod and play them locally and not stream… Your not really missing out on anything they’re not very good… Kinda like Wankz old Feelme random stroke scripts…

As long as nobody is taking credit for the scripts, it’s probably not even worth to test them over free ones here.

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I’m talking about the new ones though. They just put out a bunch and said they had hired fun scripters. Not talking about the old shitty ones.

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I tested one of them. Unfortunately, I had to stream it using the normal Oculus Browser b/c it doesn’t run in DeoVR, so no delay. It definitely needed delay for the stream but seemed a bit better than what they were previously offering.

I think they removed the download option, which is unfortunate.

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How do you find which videos have scripts? Are they tagged or something?

Yeah. You can sort by “Sexy Toy Sync”

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Oof what’s the point then of them offering it? There’s no option besides watcing it in the browser which is dumb.

idk, it’s pretty dumb. Maybe they’re working on implementing the download link (b/c it was broken at some point, scripts wouldn’t download correctly)?

Looks like this below, no option to download.

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