Need a alternative for DeoVR

Hey all. So when i first got into interactive scripts and vr all i could afford has been a cardboard setup and ive been using DeoVR on my phone for connecting with the handy. For weeks the app hasnt worked properly, and now i cant even find it to attempt redownloading it.

Can anybody recommend a script player and potentially a vr player in one? Handyfeeling is good if i cant find a replacement, but not being able to quickly change or browse videos is a huge bummer. Like i said ive been using DeoVR up until now but now i got nothing.

Please help me lol!!! I cant enjoy all these beautiful scripts :frowning: thanks in advanced


Use search. The topic about dropped support in DeoVR for several devices has been up several times the last few months and it has been discussed a lot in those threads. The short answer is probably that there is no simple solution, but options have been discussed in the threads.

You can use scriptplayer in connection with DEOVR !

What machine do you use ? launch, handy ?

Not anymore!

The developer of DeoVr has informed me, that they will be deprecating their public API and asked me to remove support from ScriptPlayer

See details here

Oh shit… snifff.
they will relaunch an iphone and android application ??

I did. None of these posts include anything about Cardboaed VR for mobile, other than one but nobody ever replied to them… so i tried making a postBut thanks i guess lol.

Does this mean the remote control feature as a whole will be unavailable in DeoVR in the near future?

Not sure, the post I linked is all the information I have


Well i appreciate your effort friend. Thank you.

Will that have impact on heresphere as at the moment not an option to select it in ScriptPlayer so we have to select deovr instead which works?

It would leave quite a bitter taste if the timestampserver is indeed removed in the update, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I think heresphere exposes the same timestamp api as DeoVR so they should be compatible (someone else may be able to confirm). I downloaded the APK for DeoVR to sideload/downgrade in case the timestamp server is indeed removed in the near future and will look into heresphere.

I see. I probably thought about this thread and post when I read your post, which you might have read already.

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No i somehow missed that one… thanks for sharing. Yep it is as i thought. What a shame of SLR to literally abandon a good amount of users by doing this. I also purchased a lot of scripts through them that are useless now. I guess my options are to upgrade to a standalone VR setup and give up on Cardboard. Ugh

I am still able to use HapticsConnect on Android to interface with toys and DeoVR (on Quest 2) - downsides are you need to put the scripts in /interactive on the device - and you need an SLR Premium subscription to log in to HapticsConnect initially - once it’s logged in, you can lapse the Premium subscription and DeoVR still works with your scripts (I use KODI as a DLNA server for the videos themselves).

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