Need a reference script for solo scene

Can anyone link to a post with a high quality free script of a solo scene with a girl that don’t use a dildo, only fingers. No PMV scripts since I won’t sync with any music. Preferrably VR, but not a must.

I hope someone can help me with my request since it is a really tedious task looking for it blindly. Maybe someone know where to find it without searching.

The reason is that I want to script something new that is out of my comfort zone so I need something suitable to learn from.

A simplistic one i enjoyed is RS :heart: Tushy - Elsa Jean, Emily Willis - Influence - Part 2 - Scripts / Free Scripts - EroScripts
I would describe it as responding to the intensity on-scene rather than the action on-scene, but i think it works well.
Also its only the first half thats dildo-less.


Thanks! I will check it out.