Need advice on my first script

hey guys, i have spent the last 3 days working on my very first script, a VR scene from Hologirls starring Liza Rowe, now the last 7 odd mins of the video are actually Voyeurism instead of the usual POV, if you were scripting this video would you script the voyeur section or leave it? scripting it feels like a waste of time, its also stupid on hologirls part to end the scene like this, dont think it happens in any other scene,

anyways what do you guys think?


I’d script it since it is an “Event”, or part of the excitement.

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Since that is where the climax of the scene is I would definitely script it. Voyeur in VR is basically the same situation as when you script non-POV 2D. Since the scene you are working on is 1-on-1 it should be straight forward to script that part.

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