Need help finding already made scripts on here: Almost found all. Sooo close

Hey im trying to get into scripting, I was wondering if anyone could help me. Anyway what Im looking for is very particular set of scripted action ot complicated movements that are scripted. To be clear i need the action of the script to be very distinct. I am going to use the already scripted action to learn and develop a way to script these types of action movements again for other vids. Anyway any help will be much are appreciated. I’ll make a list of the actions I need to find; I have found some, but not all. I was also thinking that this would help scripters and future scripteters with these types of complicated movements. If you could comment links with the scripted acton that be nice, so I could update the list of which ones are left.

The List:

These are about all of the action im trying to find, I think being able to script these types of action is a really good thing for any scripter or anyone trying to script.


Thnaks to anyone whos helps

Don’t think there’s a definite formula to follow, you may improvise and adjust depending to the actual video content.

Here’s just some references. Note they may not be ideal for you.


was actually what I was looking for ha ha ha ha

this was help full but not exactly what I was looking for

Thanks again so much

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Well thats the last one

The List:



Not sure why i got notified with this post, maybe one of my topics is linked? Either way, i looked at what your doing and while i think you can definitely learn from others scripts i wouldn’t expect copy and paste to work well (if thats what your planning).

The devil really is in the details with scripting, getting the timing off even by a few frames can turn a great script into “meh”.

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I’m confused. so…what is this?

looks like they are trying to learn to script by studying what others have done


nah just looking at different ways to script complicated action

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For cumshots there are several ways they can be done. And depending on the video, certain methods work better than others.

When no movement is going on, shocking movements are generaly better, but when movement is going on, and you dont want to disturb that, you cannot realy make such shocking movements, since that shocking makes that movement not noticed at all.
For these i resolve to generating quick vibrations (using the plugin i made). And from my experience, they work quite well to preserve the movement (usualy a 25 aps, to 60 aps pattern that weakens in amplitude adjusted towards the movement that is going on so it gets close towards handy limits but wont go over them).
However, from my experience movement is almost always desired instead of just plain vibrations. If the script wouldnt normaly require any stroking action, i generaly just set the position a bit upward again and make it use a slow downstroke with vibration (which it then repeats based on pulses)

For example:

This adds a new pulse midway while it just follows the movement action. I think this is the best way to handle such things as it seperates the cumshot effect from the regular movement.

Its not realy a distinct way to script such action, since it follows movement and sometimes requires strength adjustments to avoid exceeding limits. But it can often be made quite consistent in its effect.

And in this case there was no movement on screen, but still makes the pulse give a bit more pusating effect. Its a less good effect (to me) as it doesnt realy match the action entirely, but this is compensating for a lack of action. For a handfree situation i would prefer this method

In the end, your cumshots are rarely going to align to the script anyway. So as long as its a distinct feeling (which vibrations often do compared to the rest of a scrip) it should be fine. Most important is that the action doesnt stop, and instead still goes at a quite high speed. Stopping the action is only required when the idea is to ruin (and in that case, even if the video does a cumshot, the script should not).


Thanks this was helpful!!!

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