Need help geting into vr!

So I am planning on buying a bunch of subscriptions and downloading VR and high-quality porn to watch, I also want to buy a VR headset(quest 2) to view the content. Plan on storing all of the content of a hard drive. I don’t know what pc specs I should have, but my current specs are gtx760, 16gb ram,1tb storage(for sure going to add more storage), AMD FX™-6300 Six-Core Processor 3.50 GHz. I also plan on using my handy for scripts. I realy need help with this, its kind of giving me a headache. I also want to know how to play the vr porn with the handy, if I have all the vr videos downloaded. Btw I have read everything I could get my hands on in eroscrips.

If you’re going with a mobile VR headset like the Quest 2 your PC specs won’t matter as much.

You should be able to run DeoVR on the Quest 2. You should also be able to run something like xbvr on your PC for hosting vids.

but I will be runing the videos localy, dont I need a good graphics card?

if you run localy you can upload the movie you want to watch to the quest. it then runs it, for streaming im not sure.
One thing is sure the card you have was released 8 years ago it probably doesnt play 4k movies it certainly wont play 8k. and the same goes for the cpu.
i use scriptplayer to play the scripts and the movies (it might require VLC or some other movieplayer for it)

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how fast does it take to upload it to the quest and do I have to upload the script too. Also I know my gpu wont be able to play it, but I thought that my cpu would because I thought it would be a rendering issue?

There are a lot of different types of set ups. For me I play everything through my PC so the video and script are located in the same folder. I think you are going to need to trial and error some of the stuff yourself to see what system works for u. There are a lot of post here that give detailed instructions explaining their own set ups. I would seek those out.

I am going to brutally honest with you dawg. Your hardware is ancient (No shame in that. We all have our own circumstances and needs for technology). The FX-6300 does not have an iGPU meaning all video is processed through a dedicated graphics card. A lot of VR content will only really look good at around 4K and above. The gtx 760 maximum video output is listed at 4K and that was before VR was around so I would guess it will struggle with certain formats.

Given your hardware, I would run everything through your VR headset. I would start with a SLR subscription (DEOVR) or equivalent to get yourself started and then find out a solution that works for you

no idea i dont have a quest but if it runs on a wifi 10 (20 for some javs) gig will take a while unless you buy the cord

and i took a look at the cpu it not a very fast one compared to the current amd ryzen 5 chips even the 2400 is much faster, im not a tech wizz but it sounds like it wont play 8k H265 the quest can handle and even run into trouble displaying 4K in 60 frames

thanks for your imput

Thanks, but would that mean that I should upgrade to a better CPU before upgrading my gpu. Also do you think the gpu is okay to leave and just upgrade my CpU

Hard for me to answer that bc I have not really dealt with hardware that old and I don’t want to give you the wrong answer.

YouTube hardware review channels i have seen when reviewing other peoples set ups have said that if you are on FX series CPU and GPUs older than 900 series cards should upgrade there entire systems bc if you upgrade only 1 you will be bottlenecking your entire system.

Thanks again will do

I believe the GTX 970 is often touted as the minimum for VR, so the GPU could definitely be an issue.

I agree with everyone here. The bottom line is this. Either you’re going to have to do some serious PC upgrades, OR you can easily run everything through your headset over wifi rather than downloading the scenes. Are you married to the idea of downloading them? You can have a very good experience with the right subscriptions without even owning a PC, to be honest. Quest 2 and Handy work great without downloading or using a PC.

I’m still running dual GTX1080s because I refuse to pay scalper prices for a new graphics card. (Fingers crossed that will resolve itself soon!) I built a blistering computer about 3 years ago, and it’s getting a little long in the tooth now. Still does what I need it to do, but not everything I WANT it to do.

I’m guessing the whole Handy, Vr porn, scripts is new to you. Imop, your over ordering. Like when you show up to the restaurant hungry and order way too much food. I have a quest 2 and a decent pc. I don’t bother using my pc when using the quest and handy. I find it way easier to just upload the videos and scripts to the quest and run them through DeoVR. I’ll upload about 3-4 videos and I find that to be plenty. If you can last through 3 VR scripts your on some next level shit.

Uploading to the Quest 2

  1. Put your videos in the video folder
  2. Create a folder on the quest for your scripts, I named my interactive.
  3. I’ve only used SLR via DeoVR, it works great and you can preview other available VR vids.
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thanks but I dont want to keep paying for a subscription

thanks but I would like a large variety and no I dont think I could last through 3 vr scripts. I will come back when I stumble upon a radioactive spider that increases my stamina

That’s fair, but you can pay for a LOT of subscriptions for what a RTX3080 is going for these days…

SlowScripter has an excellent point as well. You can definitely use your computer to store the vids/scripts and upload them to the Quest when you want to watch them. The only thing you’d need to update then would be drive space, which is pretty cheap.

There’s also talk of the Quest eventually supporting a thumb drive, which would make it even easier to shuttle files back and forth, as well as expanding the capacity of the Quest. But don’t count on this solution. It was promised with the Oculus Go and never materialized. Quest has been around long enough that it should be out by now if it was coming. Admittedly I haven’t checked on it in a while, but last I checked it was still vaporware. I think there’s a hack to make it work, but not natively supported.

Thanks, I think im going to upgrade my rig. I think is a good ivestement. Im going with a rtx2060 and rysen 5 5600G

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changes my mind going with ryzen 5600G and gtx 1660ti

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