Need help installing scriptplayer


I am having troubles with installing Scriptplayer.

I have retrieved the latest version,

When running the installer, windows warns me about it, i press run anyway and the setup is started, i accept the agreement then it says “Ready to install” i press install, the progressbar fills up quickly and i click finish the setup closes. Then nothing happens no shortcut shows on desktop and i can’t find it installed anywhere.

I watched a video of a man showing how to install it (ver. 1.1.1) and he get a window to choose pathway for the installation, which i don’t get.

I have .net 4.6.2 or newer. Windows 10 ver 19044.1889. I also have tried running the setup as administrator.

I am hoping someone could assist me in this matter.

Best Regards

Look for scriptplayer in the Start menu. Run it, then you can pin it to your taskbar

Thank you for your help.

I feel a bit stupid, it was indeed in start menu, but not alphabetically so i apparantley missed it earlier. And i could now find the pathway, and it had installed it self at D: not C: where i was looking.

Best Regards


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