Need help with vlc and scriptplayer playback

I have connected vlc to scriptplayer, but if I choose a video it loads on scriptplayer, but doesn’t open in vlc.
I know I am missing something, but I can’t figure out what.

To be specific, it’s a vr movie that normally would be playable and watchable in vlc and not splitscren.

Any help is appreciated.

Did you select VLC as the video player in the dropdown menu in scriptplayer?

Yes, I opened VLC, enabled the webplayer, restarted VLC, choose VLC in the dropdown menu “video player”. Scriptplayer says CLV connected and thought I only had to open the video in Scriptplayer after that.
Guess there is something I am missing.

Open the video specifically using VLC with scriptplayer running in the background, that should automatically load up the script to sync up

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