Need some help!got a new handy but cant be connected

first I follow the tutorial in the handyverse to finish setting,connected to bluetooth quickly,but when i restarted the handy and clicked the wifi button try to connecting handyverse or some site it always told me “ Couldn’t connect to Handy Key” ,while this time purple light Fast flashing and it turn be green light,I tried many times but always same。my English level is poor,if you cant get what i mean i will try to Explain the situation clearly

i thought maybe was wifi problem,but my wifi ayways keeping Factory setting,i can normal use it

Try waiting a good 20 seconds after turning on your handy before clicking the mode button.
This can also happen when your wifi, internet connection, or the handy servers are being unstable.



I did it your way but not working,my wifi next to me so in my opnion the problem about wifi is hard to find,but what the mean about the handy servers are being unstable?That means my handy maybe was broken?

No, I just sometimes have a huge lag between my device and the handy servers. You can try setting it up to connect on a different wifi, such as tethered to phone to confirm it’s not an issue with your wifi.

Probably need to reach out to support beyond that.

Really stupid question, but did you write down the handy key to put into the site in question ? It doesn’t connect automaticaly .I made that mistake when using mine. I even chaned the key length so I could remember it before I realised.

Even if there are many here that can probably help out, this is a scripting forum. The best way to get help is to go to the source. TheHandy has a tech support channel on their Discord server for instance. There might also be information on their reddit page. See e.g. their Twitter page for links to those.

That said, as MightyElf already mentioned, double check that you use the correct connection key in all places. You should have made a copy of it during setup. If you didn’t write it down properly you will probably need to go through the setup process again to generate a new connection key.

This was something that wasn’t clear to me at first as well, the LED needs to stay in (slow) purple flashing mode.
I believe the confusion* might come from the setup app which tells you it is successfully connected to wifi. Which it is, but it is not online yet, you have to then manually put it in online mode (purple) to get connected.

*Also my stubbornness to read a manual might have something to do with that :wink:
But to my excuse … I think it could have been clearer and apparently I’m not the only one that struggled here.

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