Need some help updating an old funscript by Funjack

I found a video to match a script created by Funjack,

script - funscripts/s02_JynxMaze.funscript at master · funjack/funscripts · GitHub
video -
File on MEGA

but the funscript seems to load into scriptplayer as blank. I can see that the script has position information written but am unsure how to make use of it to fix this. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I am new here.

Works for me.
The script starts 21 Minutes into the video and also shows in the heatmap:

Stupid question, but did you maybe download the entire Page (including html) instead of just the raw script?

Try this one (unchanged raw script):
s02_JynxMaze.funscript (131.7 KB)

I just looked at this and then loaded it into notepad++. Then I loaded it into JFS and played it for a while. It appeared to be inverted in JFS. So I inverted it and saved it. That changed the header, I believe, and added some information.

If the information in the post from FT does not help then…

If you continue to have trouble you may want to load the funscript into any program on this site that can modify a script and without changing anything do a save-as and then try that instead of the downloaded copy.

Yep that was it, amateur move haha

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