Need to sell my Handy (50€)

I’m selling a handy. Not really used a lot. Works great. EU version. Can ship it in Europe. 50€ + shipping.

Shipped cleaned and updated to last frimware. Works great for VR or 2D videos.



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I dont think people want to buy second hand sex toys lol

Hi, I sent you a PM.

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since it’s just a machine i don’t see any hygiene problem i would be more concerned if he was selling the sleeve with it


Exactly, if people thought that way literaly noone would buy used cars because someone could have sex in them. As long as the device is cleaned I don’t see a problem. 50€ is a steal for a working second hand Handy in my opinion.


I already sold fleshlight launch and handy in teh past years without problems

Is this still available?

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Maybe you should post the bottom for the anxious potential buyers because this area should be the dirtiest place 4 this machine.

Dude you haven’t seen the weirdo who wanted to buy a handy with a used sleeve on here

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