Neutral Position of one servo not exactly 90 degrees

Just attached completely new servos and they work fine but when in neutral position the teeth are set in such a way that does not allow for the Futaba horn to be attached at a 90-degree angle, making the arm ~ 2-3 away (either side) from 90 degrees when attached. This is only present in one servo the other one is fine.

  1. does this impact the working of the osr2 or am I fine?

  2. if it does impact the working of the osr2 how do I amend this?

It doesn’t impact it apart from the offset being present during operation. But these offsets can easily be corrected in the firmware.

As is mentioned in the Troubleshoot part of the build instructions, in the Arduino sketch, there are variables for all the servo offsets. In my case seen in the screenshot I’m using the ESP32 with the Alpha4 sketch (which can also run the SR6, so don’t be confused by the additional variables). If you’re using the romeo or a different firmware, it might look a bit different. (searching for “1500” should land you at the right place fast, if you haven’t changed them)

If you haven’t changed them, they should all be set to 1500. As you can see in my example I had to correct all of them in both directions, but now I have perfect alignment :slight_smile:

If you have a separate power bus for the servos disable it before the upload to avoid random jerky movements during the process. You can change the value of the affected servo and reupload the sketch. After it’s done, re-activate the bus and the servos will move into their new zero positions. It might take some tries to get the fine-tuning right.
Hint: One Futaba tooth/step, i.e. 1/25th of a circle, amounts to 80 in the position variable.

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Thank you for your help :grin:

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