New and confused - how well supported is the OSR2?

Hey all, I recently discovered all of this stuff when I found out about a game which had sex toy integration. (It specifically mentioned the Vorze A10)
After looking into the Vorze machine I was put off by it’s availability (I’d need to import it) and price. After looking further I discovered the OSR2 and I’d like to ask if that would be compatible with games such as these;

イクノガマン+VR~早漏矯正訓練のお時間です。ご主人様~【VR/非VR両対応】 [ぽこてんとんたん] | DLsite 同人 - R18 (This one says “compatible with Buttplug goods”)

SHRIFTII [デビルズオフィス] 予告作品 | DLsite 同人 - R18 (This one lists support for TheHandy and Vorze machines, afaik it’s using the RPG Maker MV plugin)

超次元覚醒研究所プロフィール - Ci-en(シエン) (This one mentions “Interlocking-device” - more specific info here; デバイス連動機能のテスト版公開 - 超次元覚醒研究所 - Ci-en(シエン)
This is a translated snippet from the post;
“For devices other than the above, the linear operation supported by Intiface Desktop may work. I would appreciate it if you could comment on the operation results.”)

I know support varies a lot, but I guess what I’m asking is if the OSR2 can support things intended for other devices, or if it’s program agnostic (for example, if a program says to move in one way, the OSR2 will understand and do that)

I’d like to use the OSR2 only for games, so if the support isn’t good enough I’ll probably go for the Vorze as that seems to be what many games are developed for, even if it’s not the product I wish it was.
Thanks for any help!


The OSR2 uses TCode protocol, so any game that is able to send it should work. Alternatively there are add-on software able to convert on the go the native signal from the game to the TCode. I have no direct experience with your games, so I cannot comment on specifics.


I have seen Tcode support in Intiface desktop, so I guess anything that it support should work?


The first two games will definitely work because they use the plugin which handles the transmission of TCode to the device for the developer, removing the necessity to build native support. Anything that uses the plugin will work with the OSR2 as the plugin supports it independently of the software using the plugin.