New FunScripting tool in beta

I didn’t create a script for it. But you can use the tool to create it.

Would this tool work with the lovense gravity? Ive been looking around for something that allows me to create scripts for that toy specifically.

Do you know if it uses standard FunScripts. If it has it’s own format I could probably add that feature

Hey guys, don’t forget to click the “How was the script quality” select to let us know how the script came out.

I love this tool and thank you for creating it. I’ve noticed that if the video is longer than 2 or 3 minutes I’m given and error 404 when I try to download the script.

Can you try another 3+ minute video and let me know if you get the 404, if you do post here and include the video file name. I am sure I can fix it if there is an issue. Also, are you able to create shorter ones?

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I haven’t had anyone else with a similar issue, can anyone getting 4040 please let me know here.

I did a 30 min video and got the 404. I also did a 10 minute one after that and had no issue. I tried another after that about 3 mins and had a 404 error.

p.s I’m just testing out this and love it! be good if easier way to pause recording (spacebar or something) but otherwise i found this to be easiest to use in terms of watching and adjusting to match. Great work

Ok, so do you get the 404 when trying to download the script? Does the video load properly in the player?

yeah loads ok, dobthe edits just when try download…will try again and keep posted