New FunScripting tool in beta

I recently launched a new tool for creating FunScripts. I think this will allow easy and accurate script creation. It is currently in beta, so please have a look and let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions. It is fully web based, just go to :

Thanks and happy scripting!


looks interesting for someone that has no experience in creating fscripts :open_mouth:

This is a pretty neat tool. Is there a way to make the video size bigger or to make the stroke diagram smaller to be more accurate to the size of the person in the video?

Shift + Mouse Wheel changes the stroke diagram size. The video resizes when you resize the browser window.


Thank you. I noticed it shortly after asking the silly question. I like this program. I like that it has a slow down function and I could see using this a lot for audio only scripts too that would not require precision.

Glad you like it. Let me know if you have any suggestions for improvements :slight_smile:

Actually, since you asked. Would it be possible to load in scripts to this and just script portions of a partially completed script? I suppose the easiest solution is to do the opposite and script with this tool and then open it in open funscripter, delete the sections you dont want and script sections from that point on.

Also, if there was a slow drag option where you pull down on the mouse and the scripter slowly moves to your position that would be cool, because the movements would be less erratic. Basically like tying a rubber band from the stroke indicator to your mouse, if I am not explaining it properly. Mouse goes down fast, the indicator on the screen begins to move to the mouses location. Mouse goes up and it begins to bungie back up in a fluid motion.

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Looks good.

Thanks :slight_smile:
Hope people find it useful!

@ Teasey

Thanks for the great suggestions. The something of the mouse movements is in the works, although it is proving to be a challenging problem.

I am not sure if we will implement partial scripting, but you have a good idea with partial scripting then just replace it in the original one.

This is great! I have tried it with some videos and the results are really great.
I am working on a similar tool Funscript which can be used for bigger video files that cannot be uploaded, also this removes the cost related to uploads.

From your app, I like the functionality of slowing down the video for more precise tuning, and the mouse shortcuts. really nice job.

Thanks for your contributions to the community.

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Thanks for the feedback, good luck with your project, look forward to trying it out :slight_smile:

Also, should work without the video uploading.It should now just load into the video via JavaScript.

NEW: Now there is no limit to the video size :slight_smile:

I tried your program, is very create scripts quickly.
Could you add the option of using the up and down keys on the keyboard to move the rubber? The mouse sometimes goes sideways and distorts the waveform of the script. I thought that with the up and down keys on the keyboard the movement would be more perfect

Although I just did a test with the forum sidebar by moving it with the keys and the movement is slower, I don’t know if this will also happen in your program

any chance this thelittlered script from your sample image is released? lol I have like 5 in various stages of completion, would love a new one to test out in the meantime.

Not sure what you mean?

The screenshot you use to illustrate the program in the original post

Is there a script for this video