New Handy User

bought a handy recently, have enjoyed it greatly but would like to be able to make a playlist of videos with scripts rather than using with each video/script. im sure there is some software with info on how to connect a handy to it. any help would be greatly appreciated


I do think the ScriptPlayer might be the go to. You can find it here:


Get the beta build, to be able to connect the ScriptPlayer with the Handy. You can find it here:

okay ive gotten my handy to connect and loaded up a playlist of videos and scripts, but it wont move. ive clicked the help and the solution said something about buttplug but no idea what that means

I am honestly not that familiar with ScriptPlayer, cause I usually just use the handyfeeling site.

Did you try to load a video in a normal way without a playlist?
Handy is connected properly? You entered the key and it says it’s connected?

after tinkering for a few minutes i was able to get a script and video to play was very outta sync, i tried a different video/script and back to nothing. tried the script/video that worked before and it didnt work anymore. im off work for the next few days so hopefully i can figure out how to make this work

There is also a some help there:

Hope it helps.

I sometimes have to restart ScriptPlayer and connect to the Handy again to get it to work properly.

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