New I-lube for OSR2

Hi everyone,
I just finished a new I-Lube support that I want to share with you. I also created an I-Lube box (cf picture). Let me know if you’re interested by this one.


what does it do

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It is great to use peristaltic pump for lubrication. Nice idea, I already using this in my stroker with dildo mount. Anyway I am looking to controll the pump by some script, but first of all, I would need to do some controll device of the motor that knows to be scriptet. Any direction that I should look for?

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I saw a video where the lubricant supply was automated.

ohhhh so its an automatic dispenser thats cool

Looks nice.

Do you make your own lube? If so, what do you use to maintain shelf life? grapeseed extract or something similar?
For I’d do a lube auto dispenser. I just feel it locks you into buying pre-made lube. Since I never had a home-made lube go past a month or two outside the fridge. Least when using natural things like grapeseed. I even 10x the amount, still molded.

That would be my issue with using such a thing. Would be having to clean out that container and tubes all the time, or have mold in my lube. Or buy highly expensive lube, DIY lube is vastly cheaper.

Popular option is citric acid.

Some lube powder came with preservatives, such as K-Lube.

Lubing is not an easy task. Where is the I-lube project?

Thank you.