New in Scripts and Handy

Hello there! I will receive my brand new The Handy tomorrow, and i want to have all ready for when it arrives, but there are some things i do not understand.
I see that creating an account in SLR, there already is a Sex Toy category, so I understand that I don’t have to do anything there.
The things I do not get are with these scripts and video downloads I have seen around.
If I download the video and the script on my computer, I need another program to make it run, or it simply detects the script?
Can I download scripts to watch videos on my Oculus Quest? And If It is possible, do I need another program to run the script??

Sorry for my ignorance, but didn’t see a “How to get started” guide for dummies :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
Also, I’ve seen some scripts for cock hero videos too??

Thanks a lot, and again, sorry for my ignorance :slight_smile:

For the handy you have the website HandyFeeling where your can upload you video and script you have stored local on your hardrive. First you need to connect to the handy to wifi then on the website where it say “connect to handy” you enter your connetion key. When your connected you just upload the video and scirpt and you are ready to go.

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Thanks a lot! Can I upload multiple videos and scripts, and have them there, or I need to upload one each time I want to watch it?

The script is uploaded to handy servers and downloaded by your Handy. The script is stored on handys server for one hour. The video file is played locally on your device/pc and is not uploaded.

You need to upload the script one each time.

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Thanks a lot!

If you are going to use the SLR app then you have their full guide here: Interactive Sex Toy Scripts Complete Help Guide (Kiiroo,Vorze,Handy,Lovense)) - SLR community forum for the best VR porn videos

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Thanks! Is one of the options i will use, but I have seen tons of videos to download and I’m very interested in these too, as well as cock hero videos.

I like both, 2D and VR

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