New interactive Toy for Male and Female?

I got some interesting ideas and concepts for a new interactive toy which could be used by male and female alike. But like every project this would consume a lot of time, energy and money and thats why i want to see if there is some interest in a toy like that. Depending on the feedback, i will get fully invested in this project, share some of the developing processes and implement some other things planned on the back of my head (like opening a Discord Server for suggestions and feedback and opening a Patreon Site where i can share deeper insights of the developing process of the product).
Also i am pretty curious if there are females (or males for that prostate massage) that would get a toy like that to use funscripts with.

  • Would most likely get something like that
  • Would consider it after seeing the product
  • Not interested

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Btw if there is already something similar like that out there let me know :wink:

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