New Lovense Sex Toy - The Next Level in Scripting

Lovense have released their new toy, The Ridge.

This toy is an app-controled vbrating and rotating anal beads which will be great for prostate massages. I ordered mine a few days ago taking advantage of the current early bird discount and I had a session earlier today and it felt intense.

I haven’t really done anything in the anal world but the fact that this vibrates and rotates to stimulate the prostate and it’s been a bit mind blowing when using a stroker and stimming. Honestly the future of scripts is looking bright.

It would be great if SexLikeReal could include anal, estimming and strokers with their VR content as it’ll take the immersion to the next level, especially with Femdom scripts.

With that said, what kind of scripts would you like to see for this thing? I’d like to try it out with some of ShibbyDex scripts.


ordered mine today.


Returned mine. It was super thin and the vibration was weak.

Do they let you return it after use? I thought on their website it doesn’t let you.

That’s why I ordered off Amazon instead. The cost is too high to take the risk.

I found the vibration fine for the most part. The moving part is lackluster though. I have a LELO Loki Wave 2 which, for me, feels much more stimulating than the Ridge does. It can take me a bit to warm up to new toys though, so I’ll need a few more sessions with it. The app and control aspects are great!

I have never ever in my life experimented with it, is it weird to ask what anal stimulation is like ?
I don’t think I’ll ever play around with that myself but the curiosity about what it’s like is still there lol

Describing sensations can be tough! I started exploring that side of things maybe 12 years ago after reading that prostate stimulation could lead to stronger, longer, and multiple orgasms. I wasn’t really interested in the whole feeling like I had something in me, but more the direct access to an erroneous zone which I was told could lead to more pleasure. It took awhile for anything to feel comfortable and enjoyable back there. Once things started clicking though, I felt like it helped me better understand of how my body processes an orgasm. I can’t necessarily translate how things feel, but for me, anytime I am about to orgasm, I feel pleasure originate from my prostate area and then out- if that’s something that you’ve ever felt edging or any other time, prostate stimulation is kind of that feeling, but it starts off muted and then slowly compounds to a greater pleasure.

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