New Quickshot just released!

I saw there is a new Fleshlight Quickshot sleeve available… the Quickshot Turbo! I have one on order and can’t wait to try it out. I also picked up the QS STU to see how that performs.


WUUUUUUUU looks insane!

I picked up the Quickshot Turbo recently. Not a fan.

Its kind of a cross between a full-size Turbo and the Quickshot Pulse–its got the separate first entry point of the Turbo (what they call “lips”) and the ridged internals similar to the Pulse. Trying to simulate oral, I guess.
I have both a Turbo and a the Pulse and neither make it into the rotation very often. I think the Pulse it going to the back of the roster too.

Frankly, I prefer nubs and flaps like the Vantage, Fleshskin, and the stock Handy sleeve-- so buyer experience will vary depending on preferences.

I think it feels fantastic but I have only used it 3 times because it is very messy and I have to relube a LOT and is not worth the hassle IMO. I think the Quickshot STU is great. It is good to hear someone else’s feedback.

I just got the Turbo. I was a huge fan of the Turbo Thrust, so had to get this one. At first I hated it, but really, I found out, it got to be wet-wet for me to enjoy it. Now, I love it, totally recommend it. The one downside with this one is that, yes, it is messy.

I also own the Vantage and the Pulse and tbh, I kinda like them all equal, depends on my mood. I think the Turbo really shines when used with the quickshot connector and another unit. My fave combos have been the Turbo on top and Pulse on the bottom for blowjob vids. And for “in general” vids, the Turbo on bottom, and Vantage on top. Also, a plus when used with the connector, is it is noticeably less messy.


I love the turbo, but you folks are right. You have to get the lube right (needs a LOT of lube in my experience as well), it is very messy as well. But passing through the tighter middle section, particularly with a well scripted BJ video, that makes my eyes roll back into my head at times.

For handjob scripts, I generally prefer the Riley Reid Quickshot using the butt entrance. The spikes that way tend to rub against the head of my penis in a way that almost feels like teasing fingers.

Not the`point of the original topic, but I am very curious about the new line of Handy dream sleeves, they all sound very fun.

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