New release - Sextropolis Episode 2 - Thief. - A live action PMV game

I dont know if it will help @ThatOneGuy4

you might be able to launch the game and then hit:
Alt + Enter keys together while in the game, or by pressing Ctrl + F. and it should pop the game from Fullscreen to windowed mode. Allowing you potentially to be able to resize to your screen size.

I tried for my issue but no joy.

More awesomeness. Big thanks!

I posted a new update today.
New version 1.6

The big improvement is a new battle UI. The videos are now full screen. I hope it feels more immersive.

Right click or press spacebar to skip a PMV if you have already unlocked it. This should make replaying the game to unlock the bonus PMVs less repetitive.

Fixed an issue with Feel the Fire PMV script. I think having a period in the old file name messed something up.

Changed the canvas options to match height instead of width. This should help those with screen ratios wider then 16:9. This issue was brought up by @isaacclarke80 and might be the issue that @ThatOneGuy4 had as well.

Hope you all enjoy it.


Hey @BitterSwee,

I can’t remember if I mentioned, but I finally did that pc upgrade and picked up a 4070super. So all is great on playing these games now :slight_smile: was certainly the graphics card causing me the issue (as OS, codecs etc are unchanged)

anyway I don’t know if this has been mentioned but the extra bonus scene (when you have completed all other videos) pauses at this point. I tried a reinstall and even tried on the laptop that never had issue, seems to have occurred for some reason in version 1.6.

p.s the spacebar idea is epic on the replay to finally unlock all :slight_smile:

Nice catch. I was able to fix that and should have an updated version posted in the next few days.

I’ve been busy working on Episode 3. I’ve created several more games to play beside the battles, including a game that can only be played with the feedback from the handy/device. Pretty sure that’s a first for any interactive game.

I’m coming up on a good milestone and might be able to release a demo in a few weeks depending on how it comes together. Still would need a lot of time to complete though. Lots of assets like video clips to cut up and sequences to script.


Update 4/20/2024 Version 1.8

Link is in the main post.

This update took longer to do then I thought’ but it turned out there was more to fix then I thought.

First I fixed the issue @MaoMao brought to my attention where the last bonus video would freeze at the end. Not sure how I missed that one.

Second I fixed an issue where the 2nd bonus script did not play. Another script with a period in the filename. Hard to notice when skimming through since it just keeps playing the previous script.

Third is actually big. I changed the video mode of the game canvas so that it will always fit into your monitor. The default in Unity is to match the width. I had some complaints that elements were cut off in monitors wider than a 16:9 ratio so I changed it to match height. However, I launched the game on a mini laptop I have with an odd aspect ratio and the sides got cut off. This led me to hopefully the final fix that keeps the game screen at 16:9 despite having a monitor with a different aspect ratio.