New release - Sextropolis Episode 2 - Thief. - A live action PMV game

Hello all,

I am finally able to release Episode 2 of my Sextropolis series.

The game can be downloaded here:
Usual Mega rules apply, please import before downloading.

Here is the game in a split archive for those who can’t download the entire 7GB file at once:

The game is a turn based RPG that features mostly PMV videos. If you are familiar with any of the videos I’ve posted to this forum then you know what to expect. Lots of explicit sex with lots of anal action. Not all anal, however, it is a Bitterswee production so plenty of butt stuff.
The entire game is funscripted. The stimulation won’t stop unless you decide to pause the action.

To start the game:
Run EDI.exe and connect it to your device.
You might need to change the EDI variant dropdown to “C:”
Run STropolis Ep2.exe and start playing the game.

Note: EDI can take some time to start sending actions to the device when it first starts. I’ve seen it take almost a full minute for The Handy to start responding. Don’t worry though, once it starts moving it is instant from then on. The Intro Video and Main Menu are funscripted, so I suggest just waiting there until your device starts responding.

This game is made for Windows using Unity and EDI.

EDI is used to connect to interactive devices. The game was created for The Handy, but EDI can connect to other devices although I have not tested this.

More on EDI can be found here:

The details:

I built this game myself using Unity. I am not a developer and everything I know about game development was learned while putting this game together. Hopefully it works.

This is a sequel to Sextropolis Episode 1 - Trespasser.

The original game was released for the Cock Hero Platform and can currently be found here:

The gameplay is heavily inspired by the work @knyte21 did on the Cock Hero Platform.

Gameplay hints and tips:
The game is not that complicated so I suggest just trying it out and learn as you go.
The one thing I will say is to visit the Item Shop between battles to heal up and replenish your supplies. It’s easy to forget and just try to jump right into the next encounter.

I am open to any feedback anyone has. Obviously I want to know if there are any bugs that break the game. I also am curious if it is too easy or too difficult.

Big thanks to @knyte21 for building the CHP and to @dimnogro for creating EDI.

Update 2.2.2024:
New version 1.6
New Battle UI
Right click or press spacebar to skip a PMV if you have already unlocked it.
Fixed an issue with Feel the Fire PMV script.
Changed the canvas to match height instead of width. (Should fix issues with ultra wide monitors.)

Update 4.20.2024
New Version 1.8
Fixed an issue preventing the game from unlocking the final bonus scene.
Fixed an issue with the 2nd bonus script not playing.
Changed the video mode for the game so it will stay 16:9 and not be cut off regardless of the aspect ratio of the monitor.


Woww! thanks to you!!


Thanks BitterSwee! Looking forward to trying this out! Congrats on the release!


Thank you so much!


any chance for a mega link with the Rar in 2-4 pieces, for those of us who dont have a mega account? I’m very excited to try this!

Sure, I updated the post with a link to the split archive.


thank you!

Thank you, great work

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Are there any requirements for this to work? i downloaded the split version and it loads i get to menu but cant see any videos etc. It can goto a battle and UI works but no video/audio for me.

trying to download the original single from mega to see if that works better, but was curious if any specific system requirements or anything else?

I get same with the main download - game loads but this screen for example is blue, i can hover over where should be a box and click and get black screen - before it moves to the battle and i get the UI for Sttack, Steal etc.

I’m not exactly sure what this issue is, but it might be that your computer can’t playback the video codecs.
It looks like Unity depends on the operating system for playing media files. If you have changed how your computer plays or decodes media files that may have something to do with it.

You might try to install the k lite codec pack on your computer.
This codec pack is pretty much a standard install to be able to play media files of all types.
These can be found here:

thank you so much for takingtime to reply.

i tried a different machine and works, so will try the codecs on the other one tomorrow.

as for what tried so far! amazing work love it. keep forgetting to hit shop after rounds so had to redo a few rounds but its still been enjoyable. anyways back to playing :smiley:

keep forgetting to hit shop after rounds so had to redo a few rounds but its still been enjoyable.

I found myself doing the same thing while testing the game.
Debated if I should make the Item Shop more prominent or pop up after each battle automatically, but decided that the Lose screens and script patterns were fun enough to keep as is.

As mentioned works on a laptop some reason my desktop not playing ball which is strange as newer hardware (apart from gfx card) . Tried the codecs, disabling any protection/vpn etc but just gives the blanks for videos and can see UI do battles ok but no vids.

will keep playing to see if can figure out why and let know.

Trying video playback and different game playback including other unity and steam games dont have same issue. So is puzzling me.

One thread seen mentions gpu scaling amending setting can resolve but no joy for me.

Game itself trying on Laptop is great! definate enhancement on EP1. Find it difficult to try steal or do anything other than attack as otherwise i just lose. Need to play out the various paths more but i completed a first run rather quickly.

its fantastic creation and hoping to see more with EP3 etc.

What was reason for moving from CHP onto Unity?

I’m wanting to start creating some content and a game based CH like this, so be interested to hear any advice or input on best approach etc.

Thanks again for the great work!

just cant get it to work on main pc.

tried the codecs, saw posts around amd scaling mode (reference) tied adding property commands to startup exe (i.e which version of DirectX to use and being windowed mode etc.

But just remains - unity logo works then when intro video should play black screen. mouse click moves to game menu > start new game (when video should play - blank screen again).

Can playback various types of media files and even 4k vids no issues. Very puzzled why not having it on this machine.

Hi there
I booted up the game, and its overlapping my monitor, is there a way to size it down?

That’s an odd one.
Most of the game is mp4 files dropped into Unity so not sure how to work around that.
Curious question, does the audio play in the Main Menu? That is an mp3 file and not a video.

I can look into it.
The game is made for 1920x1080.
What resolution are you running?

Hello, I just defeated the final boss, hehe, and I didn’t want to let the moment pass before giving some feedback or suggestions.

I liked the RPG part with Scripts, it seemed very well executed, as well as how you handled the filters, the selection of paths, intros to the characters, and the surprise battles. I think I would have liked it more, or it would have been more challenging if the bosses were intense scenes with action scripts or very intense PMVs. The mix between real scenes and PMVs didn’t quite convince me (for my taste).
I had bad luck and found the toys on the first try twice in a row and couldn’t advance due to lack of HP and Skills. I’m not sure if there’s a way to escape this, I had to restart the game I think twice for this reason.

Regarding the overall gameplay, I would like it to incorporate some dynamics with Edgings, where the game tells you to do Edging at some moments and have some skills to use during the PMVs that allow for several edgings, but not indicated by the game, rather when you reach the edge you would use the skill to not finish and thus have successive Edgings until the skills are exhausted.

I had theorized some skills for edging in Cock Hero Inferno and its Erosphere proposal, here is the link where the scripts and notes of the skills and dynamics are, in case you’re interested.

Finally, thank you very much for the time and work on this game that is spectacular, I am very glad that EDI implementations continue to be made.

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Yeah the audio plays fine, I can see and interact with the UI and even goes into battles. Literally just the video files not displaying. tried the codecs and various tweaks with graphics card, display settings etc. Can’t spot what’s causing it though.