New Script or User Category Suggestion: Community/Scripts

I’d like to get opinions and ideas on a dilemma I have been ruminating over while in the midst of scripting a few videos. I love providing high quality scripts at no-cost to the community, and in my ideal world EroScripts would simply be a place for people to trade and share content, however I feel like I am missing out in some regards by scripts that are behind a paywall; That I could otherwise get if I charged for my scripts, and/or an asymmetrical relationship with lurkers that doesn’t really benefit the community. Community being defined as someone who would reciprocally contribute in some meaningful effort.

I specifically want to be able to share my scripts with Community members and that means people who give back and make an impact here; This includes free scripts, software, upscales, etc… I would also like to be able to trade paid and/or community scripts between scripters. The dilemma is filtering out these various niches and also deciding who would ultimately qualify based on their script quality - I don’t want to just encourage a single half-assed scripts to meet the requirements.

Perhaps this will ultimately be my decision on who I share/trade scripts with, but perhaps we could cater the forums here to give us a place to make those decisions. I know we have a trusted member area only that could be utilized - Or as I was thinking we could make a new script category that would be “Community Scripts” which would denote that said scripts in the category are to be shared under the circumstances above. In my opinion a new membership rank would make the most sense, but it would have to be patrolled preferably by a team of scripters or reviewers. Might even export this endeavor over to a discord.


Intuitively I feel like this kind of thing is what the trusted member area is for, what’s the thinking behind wanting a separate category for it?

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I agree that the user-type would be the best solution. I’m just not sure how up-to-date the trusted member role is.

My idea about the category would be to cross-post there so it is easier to identify which scripts are up to trade.

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For example - On second check it appears I am no longer a trusted member. I cannot view that area of the forums anymore. I used to be able to as I’ve read through the posts prior. So if it isn’t upkept I will most likely just push people towards a discord group for vetting

Oh yeah I think ages ago we changed the way that trust level 3 works to make it a little more of a curator-type role with some ability to add/remove topic tags and stuff. Trust levels can be pretty easily modified if necessary.

I don’t wanna hijack the topic so I’ll be quiet and let other people post for a bit though :slight_smile:

To be honest i personally feel the same way. I would like to give all my scripts out for free, however i am contemplating about charging for any future scripts (since i personally think i make quality scripts and video edit any compilations), but that also divides the community again.

I would love to be able to trade for certain paid scripts, ergo a script for a script.


@GoonerScriptz you describe one reason why I began to use gumroad and not to post every script here for free. I will follow the discussion :slightly_smiling_face:


Ehh yeah, lots of people on here just for the money which is why I don’t do paid stuff at all (and also after noticing that all the paid scripts on here are shared on other sites or Discords) and just ignore the paid stuff. In my case I don’t plan on doing paid stuff at all cause this is a community and a community supports itself. You also always have a lot of lurkers that dont even give feedback at all so I also had some bad experience with paid scripts (didnt like the style) so I stopped doing that.

Some of the paid ones that were released those past weeks I already done some scripts for myself so I will release those for free (my own scripts) which is a bit of hassle, don’t wanna take away the small bucks that some people get paid. In my case it’s not worth it all cause of taxes.

Script trading is a bit…eh, you have lots of people on here doing better quality free scripts than paid ones and those people cannot exchange scripts at all then? So they would need to do paid ones and lots of people get gatekeeped even more? Lots of people cannot even use Gumroad which is why things also get pirated on other sites.


I feel like what’s more being asked for is an subtype of member or an level of member that isn’t automatically given due to amount of post or something where those who don’t give feedback or in some attempt to help the site can’t get it. Maybe can be done via the like’s someone has given alongside received? (so that way someone can’t just start a topic which gains likes overtime)
Which then can open up basically the black-market side of the side where people can trade their scripts for others and such but also paid scripts are then given for free?

I think for this space to really be viable then it needs mainly the scripters who post some or mainly paid scripts to weigh in on this more than the average members.

One of the reasons I am trying to figure out how to go about solving the above is to get around script trading.

My personal solution is to just charge for my scripts and then buy other scripts - or put a script behind a paywall and reach out to another creator and see if they want to trade; At a community level if we’re all pooling and monitoring script quality then I would assume the buy-in (participation) to a more restricted membership area would be returned by access to higher quality scripts. That is the idea - Implementation is just a bit difficult because we need to get a certain threshold of scripters on-board until people would want to opt-in.

So IMO to get something in the works is to first have the discussion to gauge demand. Create said group with those who demand such a group. Create a list of requirements we can agree on for access to said group. Then continually patrol quality from there and vet new members.

People already do this with the paid scripts on here on other sites and Discords. You would need to get free scripters in too, because otherwise people will start to paywall the shit out of everything they do and then the community is dead. This exact same discussion was on two other sites that opted out to open up a Discord where people willingly share all the paid stuff. I am not against that at all, but you need a good setup to include everyone that is a good scripter or does paid stuff.

So if you look out there you will already find those trading sites/Discords for exactly that, but not with the scripters on here that put up their free/paid stuff. Maybe a thread in the lounge “Yo I have those scripts not available anywhere else/paid stuff which I am willing to trade” solves all of that, people then can decide if they want to trade with that person.

Maybe there is a misunderstanding.

  • I am specifically looking to include anyone who participates in the community access. That includes people who create free scripts. See O.P.

I specifically want to be able to share my scripts with Community members and that means people who give back and make an impact here; This includes free scripts, software, upscales, etc… I would also like to be able to trade paid and/or community scripts between scripters. The dilemma is filtering out these various niches and also deciding who would ultimately qualify based on their script quality - I don’t want to just encourage a single half-assed scripts to meet the requirements.

  • I would ban the trading of scripts that were not created by that individual scripter

The Idea is to get away from trading by replacing the monetary benefit with community benefit by creating a cost-to-entry and access to higher quality scripts


But who will decide what is a quality script? Who even defines what a quality script is. What criterium? Since everyone has different opinions in that regard.

That really depends on the standards sought out by the people interested in creating a separate distinguished group.

I know I myself want to opt-in so that I can

  • Share Scripts to the maximal audience while still seeing returns on what were previously paid scripts. I also want this barrier to entry to encourage people to participate in the community by attempting a script or develop some other useful skill.

If that is not achievable I will simply do the same or similar to what @mADsCRIPTS has done and create a Gumroad + filter people through a discord. That’s also why I suggested a 2nd script category which should be cross-posted to and not uniquely posted to - This will be the most restrictive and up to my own personal discretion; but it kind of eliminates the possibility of encouraging lurkers to involve themselves in the community and it doesn’t check all the boxes I am looking for.

We could have a more open umbrella quality check which would just set the barrier at

  1. Do people enjoy your scripts
  2. 3 Scripts of 10 minutes length minimum

If we want to be more selective we can add more parameters, again it really depends on who wants to get involved and is interested in patrolling said content to expand

  1. Simple Beat-Bar scripts do not count (Varying Beat Bar scripts would?)
  2. Script Accuracy (How much exaggeration is allowed?)

Like I said it really depends who signs up to take on the endeavor. If it gets a lot of interest we can discuss that between those interested and run polls and continue the discussion. It really depends what people are wanting to opt-into, if at all. If it turns out just to be @ScriptsEnjoyer @mADsCRIPTS and @GoonerScriptz as it is currently in this thread I am sure we could discuss those parameters to make some sort of Script-Guild to share our content between one another - And bar entry by our own standards. If people want access to those scripts, beyond paying for them, they would simply need to meet our parameters. It doesn’t have to be filtered or approved by EroScripts at that point - I am just trying to reach the broadest possible audience. The only thing I am a real stickler on is inaccurate live action scripts


I think that’s what trust level 3 and the #lounge category is for. But the current entry requirement of that trust level seems to be a little high for how people use this forum. There are scripters who posts topics daily but is still not considered a regular by the system.

The requirement for Trust level 3:

Could the problem possibly be at these two requirements? People have different kinks and certainly wouldn’t read everything posted on this site.

  • Of topics created in the last 100 days, must have viewed 25% (capped at 500)
  • Of posts created in the last 100 days, must have read 25% (capped at 20k)
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You have a very good point. I pretty much have stopped scripting because I felt there are only a handful of people here doing all the work and everyone else just downloading em for free, but not contributing at all to the growth of the platform. I am not really into making people pay for scripts but at the same time I feel like the way the site works, it would be necessary.

If the goal is to make that ‘user level’ that the OP requested, those requirements are way too high in my opinion.

i like the idea , trading scripts for scripts but seems this could be a problem for certain users because i’ve experienced someone buying my script from gumroad and then claiming it’s theirs to share for free on discord or in a friend zone .
i’ve scripted over 30+ movies and couldn’t copyright any funscripts , there for some people are sharing my scripts over PM and Discord without my permission and the legal actions against it (there are none) if there were any rights it would be expensive to lawyer up against people in different country’s.
maybe we need to add the ‘‘Trade only’’ tag to eroscripts .
just my idea of the whole discussion here :slight_smile:

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U use the template on OpenFunScripter? I sign all my scripts that way, dont know if that is a permanent sign though

It is not, it is only meta-data added to the file. Anyone can modify it using OFS afterward.