New Scripter - Audio to script tips (Mac user)

Hi all, I’ve dowloaded 100+ scripts from here in my short time of becoming a member and am hooked - I would like to contribute to the community.

I did some searching around on here and can’t seem to find a good way to create scripts using a Mac. I tried funscripter-lite,, can’t get blender to work properly, and have settled on the playground.handy script site. I really like the site for motion based or if there’s a beat meter, but for PMV’s I could use some tips. Motion based is simple (yet time consuming) because I can go frame by frame but with music that becomes difficult as it’s tough to hear a beat 1 frame at a time with no other guidance.

I actually prefer action based PMV’s but when there’s nothing going on, I’d like to switch over to beat patterns. Any tips/suggestions to make this a little easier?

Thanks in advance and I look forward to being able to upload the few scripts I have completed!

I took a look at that site and man does it seem terrible, especially for audio based pmv scripts. I only use Openfunscripter for mine. It has an audio visualizer that helps you visualize the beat and dynamic injection (where you set the bottom points and it sets the top points for you, or vice versa).

I have done around 200 audio based PMV scripts at this point and those 2 things alone save me tons of time.
I am to the point now where I listen to a section for a few seconds to get a pattern I like and then script it live with a controller using different buttons for different bottom points with dynamic top injection. Then go back and adjust a few minor things if needed. It’s like playing a guitar hero game on a controller for me at this point, though I am choosing my own beats. Much more fun to script than action for me personally which is why

I don’t think Openfunscripter is available on mac though, so it would require a windows machine or another program that has similar features if anyone knows of one. Just my two cents.

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Appreciate the response… It sounds like I’ll stick with action based to continue improving and practice and then explore options for a windows based platform. I’m hoping to connect with someone with Blender experience as I hope that might be an option

Side note - I’ve downloaded many of your scripts, appreciate you!

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