New Stroker Toy - Lovense Solace

Just saw this, no promo or review here. I´ll leave a link below


Interesting! Hands free out of the box. Instant buy!

Just bought one. I will write up a review after I try it out.


Did you buy it from their website? It keeps redirecting me to the German website even though I’m not German

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I bought it from Amazon.

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Ok thx. It’s a bit more expensive there and it has a 70$ import tax. I managed to buy it from the Lovense site by browsing incognito

I end up on a bizarrely half translated web site in German/English, with prices in dollars, and measurements primarily in inches (but in German, as Zoll).

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Yeah same, if you use incognito it should show the English version.

I nearly pulled the trigger on this, but I don’t like that it uses an app. Also, how would this work with scripts and sites like SLR, I wonder? Bluetooth connectivity is not the most ideal, either. Anybody have experience with any previous Lovense toys that can give any input? It would be nice if it worked without an app.

Im intrigued. But man im so broke after getting that syncbot lol.

Looks like a well made device! I like that it comes with a desk mount and there’s options for different sleeves. It should be a great addition to their interactive ecosystem. Their apps work well with their toys, and there’s a marketplace to download patterns since doing things manually/on-the-fly can be distracting. The sleeve enclosure looks very nice too.

I’m not really a fan of the short stroke length 2.75" vs The Handy’s 4.3". These enclosed devices are convenient, but for any of us over the size of the sleeve we run the risk of injury; however, with the included hands-free mount, things can hopefully be positioned so that any extra length can be accommodated for.

Doesn’t look like a replacement for The Handy, but a good alternative for people who may not want to download scripts/videos or people who have a partner to pair their device with. Could be a big hit in the cam scene.

Saw it had a $189 total promo with the vaginal sleeve for $10 and free shipping directly on the lovense site, I pulled the trigger because price wise its not too bad and I was not charged any additional tax to USA.
English version of the site:

If you keep getting the german site then go to the bottom footer of the site and set the language to English

I’ve got a Lovense Solace ordered now to get it working with, but here’s my initial thoughts from the promo materials:

  • $179 is surprisingly pricey, since this is going up against things like the Hismith Stroker ($99) and Svakom strokers ($100-150ish). Due to prerelease leaks we’ve known about this for a couple of months, I was really hoping this was going to be < $150.
  • As with all Lovense toys: $179 IS NOT A SALE PRICE. THIS IS PROBABLY JUST THE REGULAR PRICE. It will never be $400, that’s the price range of incredibly upscale stuff like the Syncbot.
  • It doesn’t do positional movement, just oscillates. So it’s not really competition for The Handy or the Kiiroo Keon. That said, oscillation can still get you pretty far. It’s just not gonna be like, 1:1 with a video sync or whatever.
  • Battery says 12.5 hours? The thing may be heavy in that case.
  • Comes with a clamp! This was a huge issue for toys like The Handy, so interesting they’re including it up front.
  • Unlike the Handy and its “Use any onahole” feature, looks like this requires special sleeves from Lovense. Not real surprising.
  • The “Long distance toy sync” feature listed on the site isn’t really much of a feature. It’s just saying “we can send the same speed command to both toys”.

Anyways, mine gets here later this week, will post more when it arrives.


Interesting. Any reviews?

Nice yeah I already expected some cons, but good to hear it connects to buttplug. I updated my link in my post to include your affiliate link so you can earn a few bucks lol (Thanks for providing buttplug to the world)

Also purchased the SVAKOM Neo awhile back but I barely use that one.

Will get to posting my review on this device whenever I get it, including a overdue Syncbot review.

stares at his syncbot brief case

Glad I’m not the only one with that issue.


Any Luck getting it working with Buttplug Sex Toy Control Project? Lovense has been increasingly pushy about proprietary connection software.

I don’t have a Solace yet, but I doubt it’ll be an issue. We’ve haven’t had many problems with the newer toys like the Vulse or Lapis (though the Lapis does seem weirdly finnicky).

Yeah, the small sleeve has me a bit worried. I’ve been chomping at the bit to get an actual stroker device that has Bluetooth connectivity, but they’ve always just seemed either too expensive or too cumbersome. I am well over the sleeve size, so I’ll try to make sure I include what happens there in whatever review I write up.

I doubt I’ll be trying any scripts with it until I’m comfortable with whatever official patterns are made for it. I currently use a Max 2 and that of course works fine since it just translates scripts to vibrations, but I’m hoping something like this will at least be “safe” to use with existing funscripts. I’m expecting a best case scenario of, it works, just isn’t 1:1.

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Since video sync allows for lookahead (since the script isn’t generated in real time), we should be able to do smoothing based on calculated oscillation frequency to make things sorta work with this.

This project will probably be helpful for that, as it’s made for doing the exact same thing for flywheel fucking machines, same idea as this stroker basically: