New Stroker Toy - Lovense Solace

You know, doesn’t look as good as syncbot but at least I can actually fucking buy it, so that’s a win I guess.


Maximum stroke length of 2.75" is a deal breaker for me tbh. Compared to the Handy’s 4.3" max it’ll be a big difference. I think the Launch had a similar max stroke length and it was always one of the downsides for me.

I do like the form factor though and the mount option looks great. One of the things I miss about the Fleshlight Launch was the size. All you needed was something like a pillow and it would easily be hands free.


Not sure why all those producers make devices less maximum stroke length than the Handy. Maybe size would be too big for an enclosed device. Useless with that spec.

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I hope sex toy companies to make some long & fast stroking devices.

A lot of videos out there cannot be scripted 1 to 1 ration due to the machines limits :smiling_face_with_tear:


So this just arrived, and my greatest concern was volume. It is actually pretty quiet, even at what seems like the fastest speeds. It has to charge before use and I won’t be using it tonight, but I can’t wait to give it a shot.

for what it does, it doesnt look good :frowning:

I’ve used it a couple of times now and it’s a nifty little thing for what it is. I’m going to hold off on a formal review until it’s determined whether or not it will be able to interact with Initface and funscripts.

The 6" sleeve and casing wasn’t as much of an issue as I thought it would be. I was worried that it would feel like it was …I don’t know…punching my dick if I were bottomed out in it, but the way it moves seems to prevent that from happening.

The desk clamp is easy to setup and the lovense app made it easy to just get started with random patterns and stuff. Overall I’m happy with it, but I also don’t have a Handy. If it eventually works with Funscripts I’ll use it regularly. If it can’t, I’ll probably only use it occasionally.

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Hi, sorry if I’m asking an obvious question, but the solace does not work with funscripts?

Intiface, ( can’t connect to the Solace (yet). That is how I am used to connecting my Max 2. Funscript Player creates the connection to the toy through Intiface Central and then I’m good to go.

I also tested with and it could not connect as well. As of now I don’t know of any solutions to have the Solace work with the funscripts that are shared on this site.

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I too hope so.
However Bek, you do realize real-life physics don’t work in animations right?


MMD animations are out of the question :joy:

I was thinking about the franken stroker that you showed.
frankenstroker by Rksolar

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intiface 2.5.3 adds support for the lovelace.
I would be interested by a review…

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Scriptplayer and Intiface don’t seem to activate the Solace yet. You can set the oscillations, but so far it doesn’t appear that it can convert funscripts into oscillations.

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ngl - throwing a product with 1/3 the capability and the same price point as their competitors doesn’t surprise me from lovense - every product I’ve bought from them I’ve felt ripped off given the price. I appreciate their help in advancing the tech at times - but I don’t view them as a good company at this point.

To be clear - lovense products I own:
Edge 2
Hush 2

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I agree with that, everything I’ve bought I’ve been disappointed at, largely due to the price which you think would bring quality, this is why I largely avoid them now.

Yeah, their gravity doesn’t do positional movement, either. It’s a thrusting dildo, that suction cups to a wall, which is a lot of fun. You would think it would do positional movement, but it doesn’t. It just does oscillation frequency. Sounds like the Solace is set up the same way.

The solace works with any of their own software like vibemate which is nice and is actually good when it’s working. I just don’t think there’s gunna be support from the community which is sad.

Got mine today, looks like as long as the onahole doesn’t go outside the actual outer ring, in theory it should work, there’s enough clamping pressure so it doesn’t come out of the holder.

I do have a handy, but like the games that are compatible with lovense more.

My only problem trying this is that none of my holes are thin enough otherwise this is genius.