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New tag suggestions

Any chance we could get Goth/Gothic and Punk tags?

goth sounds reasonable, I don’t actually know what punk looks like just reading it though. If people still want punk we can add it

Its similar to goth, more torn up cloths and mohawks then just dark clothing.

Does the term “Alternative” fit these? Alt girls make me weak. Like the Scene hairstyle and makeup from the late 2000’s.

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I feel Alt would be a good catch all but I would prefer more specific tags. In my opinion an Alt Girl is ANY girl that bucks the “traditional beauty” look like you would see in playboy, VS angles or other beauty magazines. Tats (not just a tramp stamp or a little heart, think Bonnie Botten or even Christy Mack), multiple piercings, unnatural hair color, Punk, Goth all fall under it, again in my opinion.

Can we also remove #rachel-starr and #tittyjob tags? They are pointless, for the 2nd one we have #titfuck already.


I’ll add goth, punk, alt-girl. We can reevaluate in the future

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