New to scripting, follow the mouth or the hand?

I’ve started working on my first script, a relatively short blowjob video and can’t decide whether I should be keeping the strokes short to simulate the mouth or longer to follow the hand going up and down the shaft.

Initially I thought I’d stick with the mouth but after referencing a few other scripts that I’ve liked I realised that if a hand is involved in the BJ those scripts tended to follow that instead.

Just wondering what everyone’s thoughts/preferences are?


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For me it’s a judgement call. Sometimes the mouth works best, sometimes the hand(s). And sometimes it varies what I follow, basically when the hands comes and goes so to speak.

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If you’re not scripting for someone else - do it the way you like it. There is no right or wrong.

Personally prefer less intense scripts and usually just script the mouth. Hand movement is often intense, and also becomes easier to just script mouth (the motion tracking I’m using can be set to simply follow the nose). But I would say most quality scripts here are both mouth and hand and try to follow the most distinct movement.


If the hand is only held by the cock, then of course the mouth.
If the hand and mouth move in sync - I expose the lower point to the hand and the upper point to the lips.
If the hand movement is a continuation of the mouth movement and vice versa, there is an intermediate point where the speed changes.
If they move towards each other, I choose the one that moves with the largest amplitude (and don’t change priorities until the end of the scene).
There are also decelerations at the end and beginning with and without rotation around Z, but that’s not relevant to your question - there are also intermediate deceleration/acceleration points :wink:


I generaly just take whatever suits the sensation best. Usualy this means the faster movement is going to be used. When the hand and mouth take inverted movements relative to each other, i just use this as a point to change the reference point for whatever is going to be most noticed in the section afterward.

If a video has too much of such actions though, i generaly wont bother scripting it anyway (or i would script it twice both following their own action). The problem here is that there are no toys yet capable of imitating this, so trying to imitate this using just 1 point of reference is always just going to be a half finished script.
And the moment such double action toy gets released (hopefully including suction), then the 2 seperated scripts are more likely going to be usefull. While at least on their own they can be accurate to follow the action, but might just be a bit weaker than the actual video. But at least there is a point to focus on for immersion.


“When the hand and mouth take inverted movements relative to each other, i just use this as a point to change the reference point for whatever is going to be most noticed in the section afterward.”

That really sums it up.
Sometimes I do a half stroke if it goes from like:
Mouth comes up and off the dick-> hand goes down but not back up>mouth comes back down and sucks up and down 5 times.

So I’ll see if I can stick a stroke halfway in between so that it comes back up for the insertion back into the mouth. It feels better than ignoring it. Need to test it out more but it seems better than ignoring the stroke down, and it definitely depends on how quick the scene is. There’s like a sweetspot in this vid I’m working on where it works pretty well.

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Another thing that can compensate (if you like it) is vibrations. I often use vibrations to mimic sucking effects as it adds that bit of intensity towards the movement. And as the tip of the cock is usualy in the sleeve, thats the part that gets most of its effect.

But then again, i dont script that often anyway (and if i do im slow at it). So the best methods for handling this i dont know. I just do whatever i think feels great.

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I was playing with vibrations or added quick strokes for handjobs where they go up and over the tip and reverse the hand before the hand moves back down. Idk how to explain, but imagine a fist with thumbs pointing left. She’ll stroke up, she’ll turn her hand, and then thumbs will point right, then they come back down. Adds some extra pressure and speed to the stroke.

It’s definitely by feel, yeah.
And I think I’ll make a cheat sheet someday for those vibrating sucking parts, since I’m a bit inconsistent on what I use for the values. Video fps also affects it a lot. I was scripting a 30fps vid and everything is slightly different than 24fps.

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A bit of hints to follow.

  1. The higher the fps of vibrations, the less notable they become as the sleeve material dampens the movement. And adding to that, a higher fps doesnt allow a higher amplitude, which means you reach the machine limits faster. Its usualy not even recommended to be at the limit constantly as its a lot more likely to cause a stuttering effect as some movements might be skipped.
    I usualy dont go above 60 fps for that reason, and generaly will keep the device below a speed of 500 when doing so as this is usualy smooth to handle.
    For cumshot moments, as you want a stronger feeling, i often take a 25fps vibration with higher amplitude as thats significantly more noticed.
    And as my plugin does allow smooth transitions, its possible to smooth these things out to give a more pulsating effect (which especialy on low movement gives more stimulation). For example the start is 25fps, 20 amp (500 units of vibration), while the end is 60fps 8amp (480 units). Or when having multiple pulses make it dip to 60fps4amp for only 240 units.
    I often even edit existing videos for this reason as while the video might show a cumshot, if the script stops it will be off, yet full movement often just doesnt feel right either.

  2. Light vibrations are already well noticed, and often better than heavy ones. You dont need full strength at all. While the sleeve does dampen it a bit, your cock can still notice it. Lower vibrations avoid overstimulating.

  3. Hand crafting beats whatever my script generates for a lot of things. However, as vibrations can take a lot of time, its the perfect lazy solution. And when not reaching device limits, does its perfectly well. For PMVs however its use is very limited as you often want more control as you are still relying on beats to work with, and consistency matters.

  4. Not everyone likes vibrations. Some devices also can amplify its effects by having a more sturdy response. And for some it just hurts. Providing a vibration free script is often welcome. When handcrafting everything, doing both is often excessive, but when generating, at least keep this in mind and make a backup for those people. They will be very grateful for that extra script.

By a “25fps vibration” and 500 units of vibration, do you mean that that’s the total speed?
I’m having trouble figuring out where you’re playing each frame of movement when you graph it…

500 is the total speed yes. Which in a flat line means you can alternate with +10 and -10 (20 amp) at 25 fps (20x25=500). The values can realy be this easily interpreted.

The reason i use these values also was partialy because this was the most reliable measurement to use when creating the plugin i use (especialy when making a transition, you are very likely going to reach the cap).

But we can also use this vibration value with existing movement parts. Lets say the movement caps at 200, then adding 250 worth of vibrations to it (reaching 550) should still work fine. When the movement goes 400, you can only add 150.

Once you know that value, you can already figure out the best vibration fps and amp to remain within the limits, and therefor also give a very equal balance. 150 at for example 30fps means an amp of 5 per frame (while +2.5 and -2.5 dont work, +3 and -2 still does).

A feature in OFS that i would also recommend is setting a diffirent color for lines exceeding a certain speed (i set it to purple when beyond 600). This can quickly identify sections with excessive speed. And while long up and downstrokes can easily be handled (the device limiting the distance is less noticed), vibrations at that point cant (it will stutter). you can choose any value you want here, so if you want 400 or 500 instead. It helps a lot at balancing these things.

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The 25fps thing is pretty nice due to the units math. Thanks for the tip!

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