New to the family!

Well finally I bought a Kiiro Keon for Black Friday! I’m hyped to discover this stuff :slight_smile: I bought a Kiiro Keon + Rae Lil Black Stroker + Feel Stroker + Artic Lube + Premium Lube and cleaner + Neck strap + Refreshing Powder for 215€ so I hope its a good deal for BF. Now, time to find good content!


Seems like a fair deal! Enjoy mate I personnally love my Keon. Even better if you have a VR headset!

any reason(s) you picked the Keon over the handy? just curious cause I’ve considering getting either one but I’m undecided

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Thanks mate! I have a PICO 4, I hope its a good combo!

plsnofindout yeah, well I prefer something wireless to be honest and the handy if I don’t remember bad its medium-sized, isn’t it? I mean… the sleeve is not full size, right? so those two things made my decission. I was investigating one or two months ago and I decided to go with the keon so from that date I always had the keon in mind!