New toys arriving soon… can anyone help?

Hello guys,

I am new here, but reading a lot this times.

Sorry for the begginer and stupid questions lol

I’ve bought this

  • Quest 2
  • Kiiroo Keno
  • Edge 2 (lovense) (prostate massager)
  • Nora (lovense) (for my wife)

The question I have now is more related a scripts.

  1. Websites with built-in scripts for stream on quest direct are:
  • SLR
  • CzechVr

Or there are others?

  1. I am looking for Trans, Gay, BDSM, Strapon fetiches etc…

The only way to play these with toys are downloading the video, finding or creating a script to sync it?

Or there are websites with built-in scripts for controling lovense vibrations just like in the video?

So there’s a bit of content for trans/gay/bdsm/femdom etc. if you just search tags on the site.
If you wanna use multiple toys at a time then intiface is your best bet, i’ve had the most success with it i.e. using scriptplayer for stroker directly connected (launch and handy) then using intiface for other toys then connecting intiface to script player. Not sure if it’s just the beta version that has that or not but i’ve been using beta version since it released and only had a few crashes so would recommend it.
Software section of the site will have the programs I mentioned listed.

What I’ve found works best is MPC as the player in script player (codec reasons), then just create a playlist and hit shuffle of what you’re in the mood of.

As for VR, SLR and Czech are only ones I know of that have it built in, but SLR app and DeoVR have ability to stream them locally so same as you would 2D videos, just grab the video and script, stick em in same folder, and connect toy via SLR app, or any other VR player of your choice (software section again).

Check out xToys

I recommand you to STAY away of SLR seems to be the best website for vr porn by FAR. I wish I had bought the slr subscription just so I could watch the casino royal video featuring all the best pornstars :cry:

Never heard of it, what is it?

Thanks!! I will sure make a subscription to SLR, as I can see this is mandatory lol.

And vrporn seemed so promissing, sad to hear that, why you dont like them?

Thanks! As I can see I will need to learn scripting my own kinks lol

Kink well can be a but dry sometimes aye, but be sure to share when ya do. Plenty others out there they’d enjoy it too I’m sure.

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The video’s quality are lacking… SLR have program to enhance the framerate and the quality of the image. You can also get their app wich works super well to browse content. If you pay extra, you can get a LOT of script made by pro.

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there arent many femdom productions made in VR, up till now only kinkvr,mistress Kennya and one other (i forgot the name but it is on SLR) that make femdom VR (oh i forgot there are some very old meangirls scenes on slr as well). Goddess angelique/worship angel has made some femdom dirty talk videos.

So its hard to find them and even harder to find scripts for them (there is actually one script that i made for a clip from angelique that was made for toys like the handy (its a metronome dont cum challenge) Its on her clips4sale ot iwantclips store. And i just finished a script for a Kennya scene, it should show up on SLR soon.

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Thanks, I will search for that…

Do you know if the downloaded videos from SRL is mine forever, even if I stop paying the monthly subscription?
I will going to start creating scripts now before my toys arrive (it will take some time yet)

yes the videos will be yours.
But the scripts are stream only (if im correct you can download three to own each month) unless of course if you buy them then they are yours again.

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