New unread, Old unread, old unchanged

It would be nice at a glance to see subjects which are new first view in a programable or unique color, or green/blue.

while topics you have read before, but have new comments are white, like now.

and topics that are read, and havn’t been touched since are still grey, like now.

i can click “new” yes, but it’s about the feel of the thing, the new list is so short I always feel like things are missing, and can’t tell what.


Great suggestions! @hugecat - can we easier hilight new, read and unread posts and topics?

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I’ve found these settings to be helpful in keeping track of things:

You can find them over here:


This is all default Discourse behavior. Haven’t done any investigation into changing the styling on this.

But looking at this example, the blue dot indicates that a post is totally new to you. You have never clicked into it. These are the posts that will appear in the New tab. If you hover over the blue dot, it’ll say “new topic” (not very discoverable, I know).

I believe that black text and no new indicator means that you have previously looked at it, but there are either new replies or you never read the entire topic. And grey text indicates that you’ve read everything in the topic and there have not been any updates.


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