New VR headsets are upon us, which are you getting?

this should deffo be a discussion fellas,

so are you going with the quest 2 and its facebook contraversy, or are you opting for the Reverb G2 (i think its called that)

personally even though i hate facebook it has to be the quest for me, seeing as you need a gaming level pc to operate the reverb, im not a tech guy though, does anybody know how much of a jump in specs the quest 2 is from the oculus go? im very used to being able to play vr porn as high as 2160p but mainly 1920p, do we know how high a resolution vid we can view in this thing, ive seen on another forum somebody say its possible it will play czechVR 8k vids :stuck_out_tongue: now that would be pretty impressive


I’m happy with my Pimax 5k plus Headset. :slight_smile:

Maybe i will change to pimax 8k X if it becomes available or i’ll wait until Valve relase a new index headset with higher resolution.

But higher resolution meas also higher requirements for graphic cards. I think for games with the newser headsets i mentioned above, a geforce 3080 is a M U S T. :moneybag:

And porn is mostly (not always) more impressive with better resolution headsets. Its also depends on the quality of the funscripts :heart_eyes:


Yes, 8k videos are possible with the Quest thanks to the XR2 chip. There shouldn’t be any problems at all. Also the 90 hertz will be a huge difference, compared to the 72 hertz, that the Quest 1 has. I think the Go has only 60, but can go to 72. So yes, you will have a huge quality boost with the Quest 2.

You won’t need a 3080 for the HP Reverb G2. A 1080ti is basically whats set as a minimum requirement. You won’t have any problems with a 2070 - 2080ti to play anything at maximum (depending how well optimized the game is).

I will get myself the HP Reverb G2. I already have a gaming pc with a 2080 and an I7-9700k. I want high quality vr and that’s only possible with the G2 or the Index at the moment. The Quest is nice, but I prefer a PCVR headset. Games have way better graphics and no console like graphics, like the Quest has. And what’s also really important is, that the G2 has, with the Index, the best sound. Something that’s also really important for videos.

Since I use VR mostly for gaming, the G2 is a no brainer for me. Of course I will also use the G2 for some good VR videos. With the high resolution and the high quality sound, I am looking forward to it.

For anybody, who doesn’t want to game with their VR headset or just casually and has no good PC, the Quest 2 is of course the best option. I mean, there are no alternatives anyway mostly. Despite Facebook spying you out and sells all your data, the Quest 2 will be a great headset.


lol yeah this is kinda stopping me pre ordering a quest 2, do we no exactly what the deal is with this, i mean if i am to create a facebook account under a different name would that work? or set my account to private and dont accept any friend requests or do anything at all with my account other than create one? i mean are they forcing us to actually use our facebook accounts? everything ive read so far sounds like it will just keep throwing ads at you inside VR, but will they actually no i currently have my dick inside a fleshlight launch watching leah gotti do her thing, i mean it has cameras on it lol it doesnt promote confidence in privacy during use does it

and when it comes to quality jumps, ive only ever had an oculus go, so as i say 1920p has been my limits pretty much, ive never experienced the higher res vids that these PCVR headsets support, is it a mind blowing difference between the 2? is there still screen door effect on the higher res headsets?


Everything now is based on my own knowledge on what I read on reddit or videos from VR YouTubes I saw there. It might not be 100% accurate and I am also not an expert when it comes to Facebook.

So let’s say, you create a fake account. This is already against their TOS, and you can get banned from this. When you get banned, you will loose access to your device and all your software. I mean if you don’t name yourself Dagobert Duck, you won’t probably won’t get banned. How should they know if you name yourself Clyde McKennzie, that it’s not your real name?

Other thing is. Yes, you could use that account just for VR. Don’t post anything, don’t follow anybody, practically don’t do anything with it. The account requirement is there, so they can connect all your data with that account. And a Facebook account makes most sense, because they already sell all the data connected to Facebook accounts.
I suggest you read through this:

Yes, they do. No Facebook account = no ability to use the Quest 2.

They won’t throw ads to you right now. The word here is, now. But in the future, it’s very likely it will happen. They can’t make it right now. It would upset people too much. First they want as many people as possible in VR. As soon as they established them as the market leader, they will start pushing ads to you. It won’t be at the beginning. It might not even be with the Quest 2. But it will come in the future.

That’s another thing we don’t really now. I think there is already something in some terms about camera usage. I am not 100% sure though.

Yes, you will notice it, I can promise you that. The bump in resolution will be noticeable. Can you see a change between a 1080p video and a 4k video? I’d say yes. Now image it even bigger, because you have the screen right before your eyes. About the screen door effect (SDE). Reviewers say, that the SDE is almost gone with the Quest 2, while the G2 seems to eliminate the SDE at all.

I may sound a bit paranoid here. But Facebook is really questionable with their actions. I love VR, I am enthusiast. I have the the Rift CV1, the Rift S and pre-ordered the G2. I love the technology behind the Quest 2. I am amazed, how they manged to make a standalone headset with this power and that screen. VR got gaming more interesting for me. VR games are just on another level, than 2d games. HL Alyx was such an amazing experience. And it also made porn way better. 2d became boring. It’s pretty much all the same, only the quality gets better. No innovation here. But VR porn is so good. The quality gets better and better. The first video I watched on my Rift was bad. I thought that this can’t be it and was disappointed. But seeing, that CzechVR pushes 8k videos out and seeing what SLR is doing, it’s amazing. Combined with interactive videos and The Handy, porn never was better. And we are still in the early days.

What I want to say, that innovation is great. The Quest 2 is for sure an innovation, even more than the Quest 1. But it comes with a price, your privacy. So I’d suggest, read through the private policy and look, if you really want this. Unfortunately, there is no alternate headset in the standalone section. It’s Quest or nothing. If you have a decent PC, there is plenty of alternatives there on the PCVR market. But these are usually more expensive and people want cheaper headsets.


thank you for your reply on this, im just trying to gather as much info as possible before committing to quest 2 because its the only one i can get, my gaming pc isnt that good but even if it was the quest is like 100 or 200 pounds less than the reverb, although the reverb has better specs im not sure by how much, but yeah, the only thing holding me back right now is the whole facebook privacy crap, i look forward to reading through user reviews when its out


I’m getting the Quest 2. I had Go previously.


which Gigabyte version are you opting for? are you grabbing any of the accessories?

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Quest2 is going to be the best option for VR Porn

Just put some few things together The Oculus Quest 2 looks set to conquer the porn market

You get all-in-one wireless headset capable of the highest quality 8K video playback, very crisp screen and 6DOF freedom. It could be also connected to VR-ready desktop and work like Oculus Rift with better specs unlocking full freedom of desktop VR.

It’s highly recommended to upgrade for PSVR, GearVR, Cardboard, iPhone and Oculus Go users

The only thing that breaks the whole deal is Facebook is running it now.

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I do agree on most of your points and that being portable/wireless probably makes it the best for porn. However, you kind of make it sound like it’s the best of both worlds for desktop and it’s really not. First of all, for 8k videos, you’re looking at least at 10 gigs files which will render the 64 gigs version a lot less desirable. The stock strap is also apparently quite uncomfortable so you’ll need to add 50 bucks to the $400 256gigs Quest 2.

On top of that, if you want to go the desktop route, you’ll need the link cable which you could probably get by with a non-Oculus one for another $50. You’ll still have to deal with fairly bad video compression which will also be more taxing on your system.

If your headset being wireless is the most important thing for you, the Quest 2 is clearly the best choice, but if you want to use it with your desktop computer fairly frequently, you’re better off with something else in my opinion.

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Definitely going for the HP Reverb G2. I’m rocking the 1080 ti FTW3 from EVGA and the Samsung Odyssey+ right now and the extra tracker cameras on the G2 and the clarity of the lens is what instantly sold me.


That’s what I’m going for as well. I wanted to save a few bucks with the Quest 2 at first since it’s much cheaper here in Canada, but as I said in my previous post, if you add up all the stuff you need for a decent desktop VR experience, it’s a lot closer to the G2’s price than I would’ve liked.


I’m still here rocking the old cv1 headset and don’t see any reason to upgrade unless the cable breaks. Ever year seems to come a new headset i’m waiting untill one comes out where we reach the limits of the technology and the headset can be used for a very long time.

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Yeah same, I’m rocking a rift cv1, and as much as I would love to grab the Reverb G2 I can’t really justify buying a new headset

but @anon61028331 I briefly read through a summary of a Carmack tech talk, and it seems we already are at the limits of current technology, mostly around lenses and optics. (don’t have a source on this right now)


the only thing holding me back from the quest 2 is facebook, literally we have no idea if when we are watching a VR scene it wont be displayed on our public facebook pages lol or equally as bad if we watch porn and its a violation of there rules so they delete your account and we get blocked out of using our headsets, just so many unknowns right now

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Thanks for the replies everyone, and thanks for the post @Ricster89 . I have been pondering on this myself. Leaning towards the G2, however, I will be waiting to hear from the community how the Quest 2 is regarding the privacy agreement.

same, im waiting for full reviews from media and forum members both, i have a worry that watching porn on the quest 2 will get you banned lol some crazy rule facebook have, no adult content or something crazy like that haha

I wouldnt worry about that @Ricster89 - Sony’s PSVR has a no ‘adult’ policy but there are still ways to watch adult content on that headset and I have not heard of any bans or real issues

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I’m thinking about buying a pimax 8K plus, mainly because of the 200 ° FOV. Can I use an x-box controller for navigation or is a base station and a htc or valve controller absolutely necessary, if I want to use it only for porn?

@HeelsLover69 - 8k plus is likely very close to G2, but some have had QA issues with Pimax and IPD issues not being usable if too small.

You can just use your mouse/keyboard and also xbox controller if just using it for porn - and theres a 6dof (no basestations needed) mode for headset only use that works that Ive tried on my 5K+

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