Newbie getting started

Hi all!

Just another newbie here with a bunch of questions.
I’ve started another topic with a specific question, now I think it would have been better to keep my beginner questions in just one thread, I don’t wanna spam this forum full.

If another newbie stumbles over this, I try to collect what I’ve got, trying to keep it as short as possible:

Q: How to turn/convert motion to a funscript / How to get started / Very good tutorials

Q: Bookmarks, how to add them in OpenFunscripter?

So, I’ve started using the “ScriptPlayer” to play videos along with funscripts:

But there a things I might simply don’t know how to achieve it with the ScriptPlayer or it maybe hasn’t such features.

What I would need is a scripter player that can handle multiple scripts for multiple toys, … here is a pic of the setup I have:

(While writing this, there is already a second ‘Claw’ added to it).
That ‘claw’ you see in the picture is a vibrator, so the goal would be to not only control TheHandy which work OK with the ScriptPlayer, but also this (and 2 additional vibrators).

  • Is there a script-player which can do this?
    (I already stumbled about the MultiFunPlayer, but I don’t get this to work, … or to be more precise, it starts, but I just don’t know how to use it right).


  • What “good” alternatives we have as script players?
    I mean, the ScriptPlayer hasn’t a “real” fullscreen, it needs the scripts named the same as the video which leads to unnecessary renaming, especially when I want to test my own scripts I’d like to have them unique names (like version number etc.).

What about VR, … I’ve ordered a Meta Quest 2, so let’s say I have:
A VR-Clip, a funscript for it, that VR-Headset but no freakin’ idea how and where to get started.

  • Do we have tutorials for how to get started with this?
  • What players we have for that purpose?

So, I’ve created my first funscript and I’d like to share it, probably not perfect, but I’m quite happy with it, tested with TheHandy.

  • Are such imperfect, not polished to the extreme scripts welcomed in here?
  • I have no idea where I got that video from, seems like I cannot find a download link for it and I really hesitate to upload it myself, … are here community members who don’t mind uploading such videos? (In this case it’s “Alyssa Hart - Baste Her Teen Face - CumBlastCity”).
    Edit: Alright, found it, it’s on pornhub, lower quality but still:
    Alyssa Hart Shocked by Cumshot (CumBlastCity)_Alyssa Hart_720p.mp4

Alright, I think that’s it (for now at least :smiley: )
I’m hoping for a nice stay in here, looking forward to read, learn and contribute.

Best greetings,

  1. Youd need a knowledge of programming and to work with xtoys. specifically js. They try to obfuscate a bit of it so it can be more confusing.

  2. I dont use a script player for 2d i use stashapp makes everything way easier. GitHub - stashapp/stash: An organizer for your porn, written in Go. Documentation:

  3. for vr i use heresphere. it will sync up videos and scripts. the only thing that sucks about it is it has no thumbnails.


I’m not too educated on this but - you want a VR video player. They may have built-in support for your toy, in which case you can connect by entering your Handy key or using Bluetooth. If they don’t you can hook it up with your script player and they will play in sync.

See this guide: How to use scripts in VR - picture guide (Heresphere / Whirligig)

Control Multiple devices (same script)

If you want to use the same script for all of them, ScriptPlayer should also fulfill the task. Although you wouldn’t be able to use the Handy’s Wi-Fi mode (connect via key), but would have to use / Intiface.

Download Intiface Central, run it, click “start server”, under “device” tab click “start scanning”. Set both your Handy and your vibrator toy to bluetooth mode and you should see them in the list.

Leave Intiface running. Connect ScriptPlayer to Intiface. Your two toy should be moving in sync now.

In ScriptPlayer settings you can choose a conversion method for the vibrator that feels good to you.

Control Multiple devices (different script)

You’ll only need MultiFunPlayer if you want different scripts for each device, or want more refined control over the vibrator toy. Just a brief guide on getting started:

MFP doesn’t come with a built-in video player. Start by getting a supported media player on your machine. In MFP add it as your media source. Configure it so it talks to MultiFunPlayer.
Example of doing it with MPV:

Then add “” as output:

Under “device map” add the Handy. select “L0” for “Axes”. After adding it select “PolledUpdate” as update mode. Add another device (your vibrator toy), select “L1”, choose “FixedUpdate” as update mode.

You should end up with a setup like this: Is there any solution using Lovense Solace with funscripts? - #2 by SomeoneRandom

Prepare your scripts and load them onto the L0 and L1 axis (you can rename your vibrator script’s extension to .L1.funscript for auto-loading). your two devices should be playing their own script respectively.

You can also play with these settings to get some generated motion without a script, for example correlating L1 with L0 and blend in some randomized actions.

Renaming funscripts

Unfortunately most script players will require you to do that, since that’s the only way they match scripts with their respective media files. I found it best to rename them as I download and keep them stored together.

As long as you’ve tested them yourself and they felt fine to you. It’s good to get some feedback.

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