Nimblestroker compatibility and integrations?

I know Nimblestroker has a connectivity module and some code to make it work with funscripts. But I’m wondering if it works with any other advanced scripts besides simple commands?

Is it compatible with the Toy Code v0.3 as well?

And with the various script players and game integrations, do you know what Nimblestroker is compatible with?

I’m wondering this also as I’ve just placed a deposit on one due to come in May.

I reached out to XToys and the founder said that he plans to add connectivity once he recieves his order, so hopefully soon we’ll be able to use it with the site which will open so many doors and easily make this the best toy available.

I honestly can’t wait for mine to ship!

Do you have yours already? If so what seals/sleeves do you recommend?