No nut november

everyone’s banned for the month (jk)


I lost.

No regrets.

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Should have warned me earlier. Already nutted 5x this Nov.


i lost day one. last year i lost day one at 12 am lmao, and today i lost twice over


Yea. I already lost too :sob::rofl:


day 2. The scripts, they mock me. I see their glances while they mockingly play “jackin it” from south park but my will is strong. But for how long. I must rest.


Nutted on November’s 1st :rofl::ok_hand:t2:

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I do NNN every year, so i guess i’ll see you all in a month :smiley:

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Well, this month I will be on the side of evil.
Plans for november: finish the blowjob relay, hold a marathon of amateurs, as well as some hot videos from the collection.
You will all lose


Why would I not nut during Never Stop Nutting November?

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looking forward to it, needs a bit more challenge anyway

Ok I’ll compromise, I won’t touch it :shushing_face:

i totally forget, so i failed already lol

…i’m on day six.

It’s complicated…

Nonstop Nut November

(And while the intention is good, i think NNN itself is a bad idea. For those who have a higher risk of cancer, this only makes the risk higher for the type they are doing the event for in the first place)


Safer to keep your self healthy, im going with Nut more November

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I typed the same one and somehow missed this lol. I didnt scroll down far enough.

This should be our challenge for this month.

Oh I absolutely agree it is not a good idea. I do it mostly to break up the monotone day to day life and to challenge my self discipline.

Don’t worry though, Destroy Dick December is right around the corner :wink:

…a few days in chastity and you’ve reset your ‘meatsceptre’s’ sensitivity.

Then slap something long, slow and intensely erotic on your favourite device, and have a fucking crazy toe curling experience.

All… night… long…


do you think we’ll make it through november without seeing a No Nut November themed VR porno lol