No Scarlitt Scandal scripts?

Sometimes I overlook obvious things so I am just going to ask if I missed something. I can’t seem to find any scripts featuring Scarlitt Scandal when I do a search. Is this accurate?

I don’t know how you did the search, but these 2 scripts pops-up instantly after putting ‘scandal’ in the search bar:

Odd, I am seeing them now. As popular as she is I am surprised that’s all there is.

I had a vote about what to script when the forum was rather new. There was a VR video with Scarlit in the mix but it ended up in the last place (it only got 2 votes but only 32 voted). This forum has grown a lot since then and the situation might be different now though.

I don’t think Scarlit Scandal has done many VR videos. The Sorority one that Husky referred to, WankzVR - Just Desserts (already scripted) and finally VRBangers - Beauty & The Briefcase. But there are of course lots of 2D material available.

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