Nogasm intergration?

I know a few posts have been made about nogasm intergration with OSR2.Does anyone know if it works and if so where can i get it? Im having a nogasm built and would love to get it to work with OSR2. Thanks in advance. Oh and while Im thinking of it, can the OSR2 be remotely controlled like the handy?

I know the nogasm has a websocket, so maybe through that control can be passed through. But how well it works i dont know (dont have the nogasm). But this still requires the progam to control the osr2 to be able to handle such input.

But this still requires someone to make code that connects the api to the playback program.

And this potentialy could also be usefull to connect estim devices to the nogasm (rather than relying maustec to make estim devices themselve, using existing support that even works for higher end estim setups is much better).

The question is only: who is willing to make it? Its that i dont have a nogasm or i probably would already have started looking into such stuff, but im not sure if i could get it to work properly (and i most likely wont be doing long term support for my code anyway, im usualy too lazy for that).

Im having this built by a person on etsy so its going to be a bit before I get it. However what do you think of this? The nogasm basically cuts the electric off the vibe right? so if I were to get a relay switch that matched that voltage, I should be able to run the OSR2 power through the relay and thus cutting power off to the OSR2 when the nogasm fires off. I use “soft start” servos, so they dont immediately yank when powered back on, I also use a custom quickshot holder in the twist, so its not a full fleshlight dropping down. I have used the power switch on the osr2 before cause I couldnt reach the mouse fast enough, so I know that kinda works.