Not enough badges

This is not very important, but I would like to know if the badges work correctly here?

Not sure that I understand your question. Is it that 265 is not equal to 237? If that’s the case then 237 is the number of badges that have been granted in total, i.e. 237 different external links, while 265 is the number of clicks on that particular link, which was granted one of the 237 badges for Popular Link.

I provided the example. I don’t have this badge, but according to the requirements it should be

Ok, my bad then.

237 is the total amounth of badges for this type in this forum.
Maybe this link type is not working!?

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I think that badges might be disabled to some categories. Take a look at this badge:

I know there is like dozens or hundreds of scripts that have more than 50 likes, but none is highlighted.

oh you know what it might be? When we switched over from requiring a login to view the site to requiring a login to just view certain categories, it was implemented using trust level restrictions. So that means it would have broken the badging. It doesn’t look like there’s currently any setting to fix this.