November Game CG Script Poll!

The script made by October Poll!

I will make it for 20 to 30 days every month!
In addition to this, I will conduct a poll on my Patreon or other sites!

Please vote for it!:fire::fire::fire:

End of the poll!

Each one, the result!

Korea Community site





104% of the total 300%, “Summer” was chosen!

Thank you for voting, and I’ll do my best!


Whatever’s got the most tentacles, slime, and things that make you go ‘what the proverbial fuuuuuck!!?’ as frequently as possible please…!


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Are you going to implement into the game like mage kanade??

Other people build it based on my script
not me

Do you know who built it? I so badly want more game integrations, they are so fun

The integration developer I know is
Tidol and dimnogro

Imo Karryn’s Prison should get a script but as its not animated at all it might suck. I dont know, just giving a suggestion, if theres a poll somewhere someday i would vote for that but yea might be shit tho. Anyway succubus gets my vote i guess.

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You mean this, right?
If it have a full game cg video, i can add it to the poll list!:smile:

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Under The Witch : Beginnings is SO fucking good! Highly recommend the game for PC!

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Yea that one, also you might wanna check Night of Revenge, if you prefer action games. Id say Karryn’s prison and Night of revenge are the best hentai games i played and i played alot of h games. Karryn is more of a slide show rpg without much animation its hard to explain in english for me, Night of revenge might be better for a cg. But imo the whole game shines better being played. So if anyone ever decides to make another game interaction i would deff say that game should be top prio.


Think i misinterpreted the intent of this, so u might wanna scratch karryn’s prison. Instead add Night of revenge. :slight_smile:

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The more candidates for game CG, the better!
I want to add both, but in the end, I need a full game CG video to create a script😅
If you have a full game cg video about it, or if I find it, I can add it to next month’s poll list!
All the candidates have found a full game CG video

The poll is over!

‘Summer~ Life in the Countryside~’ was chosen!

Thank you for voting!

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