Oculus connection issues

Hey, I change of internet provider to get optic fiber. It’s working great and the network is split in 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. I can connect the oculus quest 2 to both network but it say “limited connection” and wasn’t saying it with my old shitty connection. On deovr speedtest is really great but when I start a video on SLR it’s sending me error and don’t start (but camgirl works great, and I don’t have actually a working SLR subscription).

Does this problem can be linked to the actual trouble shoot of facebook ? Can it be the connection (if yes it’s weird) ?

I would say possibly related to the facebook issues today, BUT that being said, I had some issues when I first switch to Fiber last week myself (Bell?) I had turned off the DHCP of the Home Hub, and was using my own router to provide DHCP and routing to the Home Hub, which for some reason the Home Hub did not like and I had all types of problems with SLR and a few other VR sites. Once I turned the DHCP back on, and switched the connection on my own router that the line from the Home Hub was connected to the Internet port on my router is all worked fine.

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The Facebook outage is probably causing issues for Oculus users:

This is a big reason why we need solutions that don’t rely on internet services.

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